Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So come at me with mouth open wide.

I got up on the wrong side of the bed, without a doubt.

I'm in an evil, nasty, creepy, rotten, little mood that is just bubbling up and pulsating and festering and throbbing and whatever else it can do that would be deemed repulsive. It started last night and hung on mercilessly. Didn't have such a rockin' good work day which was irritating so I was looking forward to some promised and anticiapted relaxing shower time which would have been just DREAMY. Then stupid life stepped in.

I got stung by a BEE! For the first time!!!

I was trucking along, glad to be heading home to a boyfriend (who had done all sorts of sweet boyfriend things at our digs) and felt this drilling in my arm. I thought maybe a steel shaving weaseled it's way into my hoodie. NO SUCH LUCK! That little honey sucked was already on it's way to Deadsville and I was wounded. I squashed it while driving recklessly and immediately starting flipping. It wasn't as bad as I had always imagined a bee-sting, but it was still BAD! And I complained. A lot. Boo.

Something sweet happened via text message. My heart smiled.

AND THEN IT FROWNED! Pffffffffft! Regardless.

So the main squeeze and I trucked to my nephew's for a little Mustang repair and I ended up getting my feeling squashed like a rotten tomato, which I was not expecting. Not by my fella. Not by my nephew. No details...just know my feelings are now mushy tomatos on the sidewalk! Todd held my hand the whole ride and just let me stew and hurt quietly. He asked me if I wanted to snuggle when we got home, knowing that would ease my bumps-n-bruises. Appreciated, to say the very least. But I slept like utter GARBAGE. So now...

...I'm in an evil, nasty, creepy, rotten, little mood!

I am officially not a fan of Mondays. Or of "feelings". OR BEES! I'm going to cook dinner for Todd to make up for our not getting relaxing shower time due to my surly mood. It will at least make me feel a little bit better if I can do something nice for him. And anything that will make me feel a little bit better is way welcome in my book. Look, I know this will all passed. So my feelings got hurt. Big deal. And there are things to look forward to this week...a yummy lunch, playing housewife, chill time with Phee-Bizzle, PFG practice, a skunk stripe appointment, an anniversary celebration...there are things to be psyched about. I'm just not psyched right NOW.

And I shall plan my revenge against the Cleveland bees.

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phoebe marie said...

yeah, seriously? fuck bees! i got stung 2 years ago on my way to the cleveland rancid show, and i had to like... SIT for a few minutes cause i almost passed out from it. i think i MAAAAYYY have a bit of an allergy, but STILL! that was some shitty shit. little bastard bee.