Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unholy and dirty words I gathered to me.

Sick of reading about painting? Your wrists need slit. Scram.

I'm submitting a painting...to the gallery I'm hoping to get a show at...for their Halloween exhibition. I'm totally pumped AND super-psyched so you just KNOW I'm foaming at the mouth with excitement. I got in touch yesterday and he said there was still room for a submission. So yours truly is IN! Now hold your horses...I have to deliver it to the gallery NO LATER than the 27th. That doesn't give me a lot of time but I am focused and determined. I feel good about it. I feel just like I would if...nevermind. Gutter mouth. Filthy brain.

Todd wants to help somehow with the potential gallery show collection. He said he wants to be involved with my painting "to an extent of course". I think that it incredibly cool...especially since my co-stars in my 3 previous big relationships didn't want to be involved in pretty much any aspect of my life. Not having support can be practically heart breaking. But I've got it. And that's damn cool.

I want "HIGH FIVE" on my knuckles. I should just do it.

So, in my quest to take on all the positive aspects of Phoebe's being, I'm all abotu the blind box toys. I'm collecting these things called Moofia now which are adorable little milks...rice, soy, chocolate, strawberry, half-n-half...I'm in love. I'm trying not to let my obsession get too out of hand...maybe just pick one up when I'm at the comic book shop with Phee. I was NOT going to start looking at toys on line. I WASN'T! Then I did. And when I thought a smoking rabbit (I refuse to call it a smorkin' labbit or whatever) riding a slug was the most amazing thing ever, I was wrong. A SMOKING RABBIT WEARING SOME SORT OF "CLASH OF THE TITANS" HELMET RIDING A SLUG IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. Gotta have it. WILL have it. Damn it! I just found a mini-smokig rabbit that's customized to look like a shark. Whadda buncha bullshit.

Recent text from my neph: "Gotta have boats and hoes". So true.

I wish I wasn't do exhausted to the point where I feel like I'm asleep with my eyes open today. I wish that my lunch was sitting a little more still in my tummy right now. I wish I didn't equate the term "low life" with the term "scum bag". I wish my background was done so I could get right to the meat of my painting. I wish Hugh Hefner would drop Kendra and marry Holly (rumor is Kendra will be out soon...thank sweet Zombie Jesus). I wish I had a smoking rabbit wearing a "Clash of the Titans" helmet and riding a slug. I wish good people in my life would stop getting the shaft. I wish "What a Fool Believes" was not on the radio anymore. I wish it was 5:45p tomorrow so Phoebe and I could slam some beers. I wish I could get what I needed without screaming for it all the time. I wish the Pushing Daisies season one box set would appear on my steps so I wouldn't have to go get it. I wish I was done typing because machine gun fingers are exhausting.


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phoebe marie said...

yeah - the "ancient" version of bob the action slug is kind of awesome. i know it was super limited edition - like 450 pieces at $55 each. i am surprised there are only a couple on ebay, though. oooh, i love kozik. i know you're not a fan of him in general, but he really is a genius when it comes to toy design.