Monday, September 22, 2008

Make everyone wonder what's going on.

September is almost over? Time BOOKS!

My new favorite thing on this planet is to be in what Todd calls "a nest". Directions: we take all the back cushions off the couch, bring our comforter and pillows downstairs, and get in serious snuggle-mode while watching a movie. He called it "our nuptial nest" last night as we watched 20 minutes of "Cecil B. Demented" and 20 minutes of "Elvira: Mistress Of the Dark". It may sound sappy and not that inventive, but it was a gnarly way to tie up a pretty gnarly weekend. Gnarly. I should have used "rad".

Before I recap the havoc, let me tell you that when my sleeve is done (alllllllllmost), I am going to get a gassy skunk tattooed in my armpit. It's getting rave reviews from the people cool enough to matter and I truly believe it will be my crowning jewel. Stick around!

I'm having the hardest time remembering what we did on Friday because I am mentally-n-physically beat. I'm pretty sure we sat around and shot the breeze while I painted canvas backgrounds...6 are done and ready to be rocked! Oh's all coming back to me! And it's X-RATED! My sexy new appliances came! Am I old for being psyched? I don't care. We went to da sto' and filled the new fridge/freezer up with goodies and were so super psyched that we just had to rip our clothes off right there in the kitchen! Hubba hubba! Yeah...Friday was good stuff.

I was laying on the couch like a spazz on Saturday and Todd said, "Do you want to paint?". I can't tell you how much it means to me to FINALLY have a dude in my life that supports my painting and tried to beinvolved! *purr* We trucked to the store and he bought me more canvases (and a groom rubber duckie cause my bride was lonely)...then I painted backgrounds as he painted the anchor table he had been obsessing over while we jammed some tunes. Everything felt jusssssst right for a moment. Goldilocks would have been pleased.

Saturday night we hit Roc Bar to see Miss Firecracker One Woman Band and Cult of the Psychic Fetus. Bad ass. They played all my favorite jams and I rocked out...even after a homosexual couple decided I looked like a more bad-ass (am I overusing that?), saucy, young, tattooed, Democratic version of Sarah Palin. Whatever. I don't see it. But as Carol would say (in an adorable squeaky voice), "I can see Russia from my house!"

Interjection: I hate that stupid "little pink houses" songs by John Cougar Melloncamp. It should just be destroyed. It is the song I dread hearing most throughout my work day. Vom. Now back to my babble.

Sunday was the best day of my weekend, which is rarely true since Becky moved away.

Speaking of Becky, Johnny asked me when we were going to roadtrip to C-Bus to see you. We have a list of songs we're going to jam the whole way there. We miss you painfully. Now back to Sunday.

We woke up early and...well...*blush*. Then we woke up AGAIN perty late and really had to rally. I love that term, "rally". Aiden came over, I cooked homemade veggie soup, we watched the race, Aiden played with a group of neighborhood kids, we vegged out and watched football, I cooked chicken paprikash and my first time was a decent success. I felt like a mini-family when the neighbor kids came knocking on the door asking if Aiden could come back out. It was a good day. It ended with "a nest".

Oh, today? Today was Katie's first day back at The Coast. Every time she was in my line of sight, giddiness took over. I'm so pumped she's back where she belongs, sporting brightly colored red-n-purple hair. I was informed that now that she and her 'do are back, I better step it up. And I'll do just that by getting my forehead tattooed. Oh SNAP!

I'm in a good mood today. Don't wreck it.

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