Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hypnotized by those snake-slit eyes!

My 19 year old nephew called me "Aunt Ci-Ci" today. Chuckle.

I'm sure Phee-Bizzle will punch me directly in the vag for saying this, but it sure is swell when her lovin' man is out of town! Not swell for her, of course, because she misses him painfully, like a phantom limb and I know what that's like. Todd and I have only spent 7 nights apart in our entire relationship and were both ready to chew through our pillows and/or wrists! But this isn't about what freaks we are about one another. It's about how Phoebe is a tour widow and I'm reaping the benefits like the world's most lazy theif!!

Last night I was lucky enough to swill INCREDIBLY cheap beer and shoot the breeze with the broad (*sidenote - my bad ass boyfriend sent HER a text message that said "Give my Lacey Cakes a kiss for me". Yeah, he rules and you're jealous). Tonight she's accompanying me to film a shotgun wedding skit for the "Jesus County Fair" variety show that D.A.B. is filming. I am playing pregnant bride, Felma Lou Spurwinkle. You know what this means? It's wig time! This is not about my wig fetish though. It's about Phoebe being awesome company for the hike to The 'Ville. Saturday, when the boys are at the baseball game, she at I are hitting the zoo like two fashionable socialites. The day continues with a flask and a discount screening of "Sex and The City". And Sunday brunch? Yeah. I'm a Pheebaholic this week. It's my duty to keep her brain and her date book occupied. Her vag? That's her business.

"Baby, It's You" by The Beatles is a sexy song. Recognize.

PFG have our first show without Queen La Tata tomorrow night. But it's almost like we're weening off heroin because she'll BE there but as Miss Firecracker One-Woman Band! And she's graciously agreed to introduce us which is good. We're mighty shy for 3 chatty gals in our underpants. I'm a little nervous...Queen La Tata always helped me squash my stage fright and go balls out. At least her adorable face will be in the crowd, cheering us on, specifically me because I'm selfish and hoarding her affection and support. 2 sets...that's a lot of Pussy...foot Girls. And last night's practice was a touch rocky for various reasons. But I'm always pleasantly surprised at our shows so I'll just keep my chin up. Come out to At Witz End and slug some PBRs with the Pussyfoot Girls.

That's what I've got. What have YOU got?

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phoebe marie said...


i should try to figure out how many nights he and i have spent apart since we've been together... except, as i told you yesterday, i have no idea how long we've "been together". oh, how confusing it all is.
i'm going to do an estimate, though. cause now i can't stop thinking about it. so let's say that, for the sake of this experiment, we are starting our official "relationship" right after he quit shamrock (after one day), which was february 2006. that's about when the sleepovers began, anyhow.

sooo... i'd say that i didn't spend a lot of nights here, maybe like 10 or so, until st. patty's that year. that is, i recall, when it really started to be like an "almost every night" thing. but not EVERY night.

so, between february and when i moved in in june, i'm going to estimate that we spent probably 50 nights apart. then he was gone for approximately 7 months, with only 4 breaks, each of about 2 weeks. so that adds about another... 160 nights apart. we're now up to 210 nights apart. add to that another, i dunno, maybe 2 weeks that following year that *I* was the one out of town, and we're up to about 225 nights apart. he also did some traveling out to l.a. and stuff during that year - probably spent about a month there, total, so we're at about 255 nights apart. then this tour began. and i can tell you exactly, if you give me a minute... since he left in june, we've spent another... 56 nights apart.

so, as of today, we have spent approximately 310 nights apart. and if you want to use february 20, 2006 as the start date, we've BEEN "together" for a TOTAL of... 934 days, which means we've spent almost exactly ONE THIRD of the nights of our relationship apart.

and we still have like another 55 nights apart this year, so we'll be OVER a third by then.


i kinda miss that guy.

but i AM psyched to be spending lotsa time with YOU!!!