Thursday, September 02, 2010

Forces pulling from the center of the earth again.

I just booked our hotel for anniversary weekend. Mathmatical!

Bob and Stephanie are having a boy! I'm getting pretty good at calling these things. A little flash goes off in my brain that screams PENIS!  I don't even need to see the ultrasound. I just know. I should start charging for my services.

So...R.I.P. Grandma. You were one Hell of a lady.

Yesterday was the funeral and it was both sad and joyous, a celebration of 87 years. I've got a pretty rad (and gigantic) family. And I've got the world's best husband. He came through at every moment I needed him to. It was good to have his hand to hold.

It was hard to see everyone crying. Excruciatingly painful. Eventually my emotions rolled out of my eye sockets which is good...because I was tired of eating them. My digestive track needs a break. Regardless, I saw people cry that I've NEVER seen cry before and I NEVER want to see it again. Horror.

I did learn that I've a little out of practice where church is concerned. When the priest offered me communion with the whole "Body of Christ" jazz, I think I said, "Thanks". Pretty sure that's not the right response. I was asked to read the petitions and though my guts were twisted inside with nerves, I think I did alright. Everyone said I didn't look nervous at all and did a beautiful job. It was an honor.

She had 7 children (including 2 sets of twins). I am the youngest grandchild of 15. There are 23 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren. Hopefully she'll have some pull in helping us expand our already ginormous family.

Anyway, the mass was nice, the cemetery was sad but beautiful (she's under some lovely trees), and lunch turned out to be a good time. It was good to see my dad's face perk up a little. We left and went to PJ's to do a shot of Southern Comfort (allegedly my grandma was fond of it back in the day) and then went to Winking Lizard to eat and wrap up the day. It truly was a good day, circumstances aside.

Thanks to my friends for all their support.

Tonight...BREEDERS! I could stand to have a good time. And I will.

Oh...and to someone "special"...HAHAHAHA!  Thanks for being a constant source of entertainment. What a clown.


phoebe marie said...

um... the "body of christ" / "thanks" bit just made me LOL (as johnny would say).

you are awesome.

juste venteux said...

Sorry about you grandma Lacey. I laughed out loud about the whole communion thing. That's pretty funny. Hope you had a good time at The Breeders!