Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I will try and shake away this disease.

Before I ramble, please come visit Castle Grayskull before it snows!

We got a Wii Fit Plus last night. I have a crush on it. Big time.

I hula hooped, I jogged (!!!), I did step aerobics, and I can FEEL IT today. From a flipping video game exercise! The runt gave it a whirl and skied, skateboarded, walked the tight rope and had a sweaty brow when he was done.

Todd and I set goals to meet by the end of the year and I see zero problem in achieving them because I can't WAIT to work out again! I'm serious. It has yoga and strength training (eff you, planks...eff you right to Hell) and all that jive but the aerobics and balance things are so f-f-f-f-fun. That will keep us on track.

When I work out, I need results I can see. I need to know what I do is working. This shows me how much I weigh, what my BMI is (I'm normal), how many calories I've burned, how many minutes I've worked out. It keep track of my goal and tells me if I'm losing enough per week to meet it. These are the things I need. This is what motivates me.

Maybe it sounds silly but different things work for different people and I know this is going to work for me. I don't mind working out but I DO mind getting bored. In this situation, I have so much variety (and a little Mii, with glasses and a ponytail to watch) that it should be a breeze.

And all of this can only help me in terms of trying to breed and trying not to let chronic illnesses bog me down. Exercise is essential, especially since I refuse to give up ice-cream and pasta.  And I want ZERO winter weight this year...unless I'm growing a human being.

Happy Hump Day!


The Drunken Gnome said...

I had a dream last night that I ran into you at a store and you were preggo! For some reason in my dream you hadn't told anyone yet even though you were clearly showing. I hope that my dream is an omen. *body parts crossed*

phoebe marie said...

re: opening sentence...

i told you to tell me when reschedule #3 can happen and i'll be there. nerd.

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

Marie: Thanks for keeping things crossed! I need all the help I can get, it seems.

Phoebe: I responded to your post that day giving you a selection of open days but you never responded!! I will be home today. Or Monday!

phoebe marie said...

oooops! i guess i thought i went back and looked. sorry. i wish there was an easy way to subscribe to comments on here. (there probably is, i just can't figure it out!) anyhow... i haven't had any free time until now with the house crapola, so i suppose it didn't really matter. and now... i'm sick. should we shoot for monday? :)

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

Yes. Monday. I have you on the calendar! Feel better.