Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I remember when you said if I ever I should need a friend, it's you.

"Make yourself live, create, hate, cry, destroy, fight and die for it" - a snippet I stole from Windy's super charming blog, Juste Venteux. She is awesome, just like this quote. I am applying it to all areas of my life. Actually, I think I always have. Consider this is a reaffirmation.

I don't want to dive deep into yesterday's appointment but I will say this:

1. There is a plan and we feel really solid about it.
2. I have awesome friends who listen to me when I blather.

Backing up to the reaffirmation that I live somewhat passionately, as corny as that sounds, I have also discovered that in my life, I have been brave.  I've also been a complete basketcase, but when it's counted, I've been brave. That's pretty rad. It's dwindled a little since youth but I can still feel it lingering. I've got a little bit of the hero boy named Finn in my guts.

Now that the philosophical introspection is over...

This weekend is my family's bi-annual Halloween Campout and my little family of 3 is ppppumped! My aunt and uncle live on a farm and every other year, we set up tents waaaay on the back of their property, past barns, a pond, and up a hill. All the delicious chow is prepped over the fire and we fish, carve pumpkins, and...the best of all...walk through the Haunted Forest. My uncle REALLLLLY does it up. The kids go on scavenger hunts and on hayrides and all that jazz. We sit fireside with hot chocolate and cider and hang with a bunch of cool people.

It may sound cheeseball to you, but I love fall and fall festivities. I love the colors and the smells and the food and everything that goes with it. Pumpkins and pies and bonfires and Halloween. Scarves, hoodies, getting snuggly at night. All that stuff makes my world right. And the two dudes in my life are really looking forward to it which makes the whole thing that much more awesome!

So right now, all is right with the world.

Besides the fact that we have a costume wedding coming up and zero ideas : (

Oh!  I forgot to mention that I get to go see Karl tomorrow to finally finish the zombie geisha wedding tattoo! I love it so much and am mega antsy for it to be tomorrow afternoon already! YEEHAW!


juste venteux said...

That sounds so awesome Lacey!! I love Halloween and camping so that sounds like so much fun. I hope you guys have a great time. And you know my labia are still crossed for you so I hope you get preggers soon. It's starting to get a little bit uncomfortable ;-P

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

Thanks Windy! I saw the doc yesterday and so far, everything looks good...not like my uterus ran away or anything! So just keep your stuff crossed a little longer! I have high hopes for something to happen by the end of the year!!