Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant.


Sometimes you wake up and think, "It's just going to be another day". But it's not another day.  The day surprises you like bring hit in the face by a flying fish! Unless you're at a fish market, that would be fairly shocking, I would think. Where did the fish come from? Who is responsible for throwing this wayward fish? How am I going to get this fishy smell off my mug??

But I digress.

I got an e-mail from my mom that simply read "Today will be a 5 star day".

What's sort of sucko is how odd it feels to feel so super pumped. This should be how I feel EVERY FLIPPING DAY. It's not like I've been totally down in the dumps and listening to cry-baby music and reading The Bell Jar or anything. I've been having totally decent and memorable, fun-filled and low-key days. But today has just been awesome like WHOA! I like how awesome like WHOA! feels. I need to feel it more often.

I see a pair of Classic Cardy Uggs and Japanese food in my future.

Now that my heart rate has lowered and I'm feeling a little less manic, I can focus. I feel like I need to appreciate the super awesome days so days like yesterday seem far less craptastic. And it seems like it was stressful and craptastic mixed with a little bit of bananas for a lot of people. I'm glad Wednesday is over and has been replaced by this totally rad Thursday. I'm not even that distraught over the fact that Kelly from Top Chef had to pack her knives and go (sniff).


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