Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If I could pull this off, would I know for certain the real situation behind the curtain?

Who wants to play doctor??

So we all know that I have a chronic condition that constantly karate chops my immune system to shreds. My immune system is a weakling that gets sand kicked in his face. We also know that previously mentioned condition has caused me to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is constantly engaged in a bloody, gut-spilling war with my current insomnia. This much we know.

We also know that outside of a cocktail of vitamins and mineral, low stress levels and adequate sleep (which are impossible to achieve), and a $660 per month medication that MAY or may NOT help SOME people SOMETIMES with the Chronic Fatigue (but not at all with the actual condition) and is not covered by insurance, there is nothing anyone in the medical field can do for me. Yes. This we know as well.

What we DON'T know is what the Hell is going on with me now.

For a week now, I've felt like dirt. Nothing fancy. Just dirt. Since my body and I have been hating each other for 31 years, I've gotten pretty good at diagnosing my own troubles. Earlier in the week, it was a sinus infection. Later, it seemed like the flu. But now...I'm clueless. So I'm putting it out there for debate.

I've felt hungover since Sunday morning. Sure, we had cocktails during Anniversary Weekend, but I'm not a frat guy anymore so I wasn't hungover. That feeling has hung on though and it's still kicking my can. It's like a combo of feeling hungover AND drunk simultaneously. And I've had a 102 fever since yesterday afternoon. Could explain why I feel like heat is pouring off the top of my head like cartoon vapors and the head itself  might detach and float away like a balloon. From the neck down, I'm frozen, penguin-style.

Besides a toasty internal temp and overall "weird" feeling, I guess I'd classify myself as ALRIGHT. I have an appetite, I felt decent enough to cook and eat dinner last night (and it was steak so I wasn't effing around), but it feels like I'm doing everything with a buzz on! Or it feels like I'm pushing through a hangover! And that's just not the case. My interest in boozin' and prankin' is minimal at best. So what is going on with me??? Why have I felt like my head's been in a keg for the last week??

And let me stress, this truly has nothing to do with drinking and alcohol and all that. I just want YOU to know that I know the difference between being ill and being drunk/hungover. Those are just the best ways I can describe how I'm feeling. Cause we've allll (besides maybe you, Erin, but you can imagine Josh with his head out the window yelling about Heath Ledger and how he probably felt the next morning) been there. Am I right?

And a 102 temp can't be good.

Maybe I'm not even functioning right now! Maybe I'm in a coma!

I'm gonna eat some Sno-Caps and marinate about this for awhile. But before I do, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little Mamacita in Korea! I wish I could deliver myself there in a cake for you but I bet customs would have all kinds of problems with that. I hope you have a fan-flipping-tastic day! xoxoxo

And in not sick-stuff news, I got a sweet anniversary card. Love that guy.


Camevil said...

I have heard that this has been the worst allergy season on record, that even people with no known allergy problems are feeling it. And allergies don't always manifest themselves in ways such as sneezing, etc. Maybe you'll feel better after the first frost?

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

Todd said he's going to build me a nest when I get home. I'm going to lay in it until my body starts behaving!

P.S. We went to the Bodies exhibit and I got to see exactly what Vincent looks like RIGHT NOW in utero. He looks like an alien. It was awesome!

P.P.S. Notice I didn't say "Vinny" despite how much I wanted to. Go me!

erin said...

i've been feeling off (and sometimes a little foggy, which i guess would be what drunk feels like?) going on my third week now. i've also been wondering if i have allergies now for the first time ever, so what stephanie said makes total sense. i don't know how to diagnose you, but i do know you're not in this boat alone!

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

I don't want to say I'm happy to have a companion in the boat because I don't want either of us to feel drunk/hungover. Whatever this is is one of the bizarre things I've ever experienced. Hate it. Feel better, E!

juste venteux said...

I've been feeling like crap since saturday. Like I'm getting the flu but I never do. kinda achey and yucky and head achey. Oh and nauseous. I dunno, everyone says it's allergies but i've never been allergic to anything in my life. It doesn't sound the same as what's going on with you but I thought I'd share. Feel better Lacey!

phoebe marie said...

i was going to mention the allergy thing, too! this year has been especially bad for allergies. have you ever been tested, or been tested recently? when i went for my prick tests (teehee) the doctor explained to me that allergies will also weaken the immune system and if your body is busy fighting with allergens, it can make you physically ill. it made my whole problem with getting brutally sick EVERY TIME we go to ryan's folks' house/dog make sense... maybe you've got some terrible allergies?

and the reason i ask if you've been allergy tested RECENTLY, is that allergies change with time, location, and exposure to different things.i did not used to have dog allergies - now i do. i DID used to have cat allergies... now i don't.

worth trying? maybe.

anyhow, whatever it is - i really hope you feel better. you NEED to feel better so that i can come see you and this house of yours.

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

I have been tested twice in the past. But you've got to be right about allergies changing over time because I developed an allergy to kiwi, as you all know. Getting tested would be worth a shot! I'll have to get on that. But first I have to get through my "lady parts" doc appt on Monday. Bllllllllllllech.

phoebe marie said...

i super-heart my allergy doctor if you want a recommendation!