Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just be sure to look your best. We will surely make the covers.

Balls. Dog balls.

First off, what nerve Google has by suddenly spell-checking what we search for. I don't need Google to be added to the list of things that remind me that I cannot spell. I appreciated the fact that no matter how badly I butchered a word, Google politely said, "Did you mean this?". Now it's throwing jaggedy red lines in my face. Jerks.

Speaking of butchering...

After bailing early on work do to the sinus infection from HELL  or beyond (which left me rotting in my bed all day), I fell in my own driveway and landed smack on my left hand which is now a lovely shade of black. So I had to baby my hand/wrist/arm, my head, and my brain. Yesterday can eat dirt. In the words of Carol The Shoe, "2010 can FUCK OFF!!!! Jezus, enough!!! I wish it had junk so I could kick it there". She used the word 'junk' so you know she's serious.

At least the latest Gray's Anatomy comes out on DVD today because I need something awesome to happen. It's only Tuesday so it's totally possible for the week to go downhill and for my head to actually detacth from my neck.  I'm hoping Tuesday takes a turn for the better. At least it's almost Anniversary Weekend and all I'll have to think about is a comfy hotel bed, room service, and shutting off my brain (with the help of cocktails served in chocolate cups).

Read THIS!!!  For real, save the damn sharks. These dudes chose to hang out in the shark's territory. They put themselves at risk. I remember awhile back when some dude or broad got their arm ripped off by a shark and people wanted to find the shark and kill it. WTF? If a shark came into your living room, into YOUR territory, you'd defend yourself! These people were in the shark's living room. Leave them alone!

Also, and this is NOT a statement about vegans or vegetarians or anything like that, but are the P.E.T.A. people ever happy? I never read any articles about how they're pumped or having good days or about how kittens are cute.  Every article I read is about what they're pissed about now. Come on and get happy, P.E.T.A.

No comment on the Lady Gaga meat dress.

And not because I've previously threatened to wear a bacon bikini.


Camevil said...

2010 is definitely a "WTF?!" year.

And this week is no winner either. Poor you!

And I can't stop thinking about bacon bikinis. I'm behind them.

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

I'm glad you're on board to give 2010 the finger. 2011 has no choice but to be awesome.

I'm glad you're behind the bacon bikini. There is no possible way for me to hide the fact that I am 100% carnivore. Ben Lybarger said he used to eat meat "with great enthusiasm". I eat meat "with reckless abandon".

I was pretty glad just then. Maybe it'll be a good day!