Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Would you ever show or tell? Cause you're so good so far.

"Im putting the hd box in our room today.  N ill gather stix n twigs n leaves feathers etc n make u a nest". - Todd, who claims he isn't totally annoyed with having a sick wife, which I hope is true.

He must really be worried about me because he's actually encouraging me to let both my body-n-brain rot in bed with all those horrible shows I tape which includes, but it not limited to, last night's Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, 28 episodes of No Reservations and a Top Chef D.C. marathon.

A study is saying that eating 1 serving of fatty dairy foods a day can help decrease 1 certain type of infertility or something like that. I think Todd is under the impression that I am funding this particular study. What can I say?  Ice cream is awesome.


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