Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stand up and face the enemy! It's a do or die situation.


Todd and I hung out with Karl for a few hours last night and I'm happy to say that after one more session, the zombie geisha on my shin that looks eeriely like Little Jen will be finished! Then we can move on to my dreeeeeam tattoo (covering up some garbage on my lower back that I thought was super cool one the day I turned 18) of cakes and pies and milshakes and cookies! But as for the is officially my favorite. One Hell of a wedding gift! Thanks Karl!

But in less peppy news...I'm stuck in Sick City again. Todd thinks getting my leg worked on let my defenses down and the illness crept in. But now, instead of pesky a sinus infection, it feels like the flu. I always know I'm getting the flu because my neck starts to hurt in a very specific way. But I've been told to fight it! And fight it I will because Anniversary Weekend is right around the corner and we've been looking forward to it. So...


*kidney punch*

*groin stab*

Our anniversary plans got altered slightly but I'm just as pumped as I was before. We still have two days jam-packed with awesomeness. And jam-packed with wedding cake! I'm not sure how that tradition started but our cake has been in the freezer since 9-19-09 and I'm not going to break tradition. They say the first 2 years of a marriage are the toughest and we've made it half way without going full-out ninja on each other! GO US!

Now...I'm going to lay my head on my desk and whimper. FU, flu.


juste venteux said...

I love your tat. I've been itching for something new. Do you take vitamins? I don't know if you're into the whole herbal thing but I personally take vitamins every day and when I'm feeling like I might be getting sick I take vitamin c and echinacea four times a day till I feel better. Seems to do the trick. Sorry you feel like crap Lacey, take care of you.

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

I started taking pre-natal vitamins last month, just trying to get my body in shape but that's the extent of my vitamin going.

Starting Monday, I'm really going to change my eating habits and start working out hardcore again. In the last 6 months, I've been way less sick than the previous 6 months. But I was still sick A LOT. Grrrrrr.