Monday, November 02, 2009

She's a runner, rebel, and a stunner.

I'm still on a Halloween high. It's a good place to be.

I was going bananas like a chicken with my head cut off on Halloween. It felt like a PFG show day where I was running on go until my head hit the pillow! First thing in the morning, I was at JoAnn's getting material for my tail and then I cruised to Halloween USA which had been picked CLEAN! I got the last bottle of blood of the Halloween season. It was more like a KEG of blood but thanks to a last minute change up in Aiden's costume (due to weather), the blood went to good use.

Then I hiked out to Akron to see baby Evan James!!! 6 lbs. 15 ounces, 20.5 inches long and God Damn AWESOME. Like Todd, am I not one to shy away from calling a baby ugly if it is. Evan is perfection. I didn't hold him and I wish I would have. On Friday when he was born, I had a slight fever so I waited on visiting him. I didn't want to risk putting my paws all over him. But I will. I will paw that little dude like crazy. He is RAD and both mama and son are doing swell. I love you Jenny Penny!

I got home and got to sewing! Hours and hours and hours of sewing. But it was worth it. The costume came out exactly how I hoped it would. Todd's, too. On the way to my parent's, Todd was really sleepy and off so I was worried this would make for an early evening. But the family function was fun and once we got into the Cleveland Public was just a great night. Almost everyone at the party was in costume, the beer was $1, and Zero Boys blew our minds. It was great to see Bob and Stephanie (I'll never get you saying, "What does THIS look like?", out of my mind), Alex, my old pal Paul. But mostly, it was awesome to hang with Tom and Carol. They are fun-havers!

Eventually, T&C decided to switch venues. I thought maybe Todd would want to go with them or head home but I was wrong! He wanted to stay! And we ROCKED OUT! And even when we did get home (circa 2:30ish), we stayed up and watched "Jesus County Fair" which was HEEEEEELARIOUS!! It was by FAR the best Halloween I've had in YEARS, if not the best Halloween EVER! I hope everyone had as good a time as we did.

Now it's back to reality. But I can handle it! It's just fun to be someone/thing else for a short period of time...even if that someone/something else is a squished skunk and a luchador!

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