Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I like to get to the other side

Oh life. Why do you have to be so unpredictable and weird? Why do I sometimes want to make sweet love to you and other times want to punch you in the brain? Can you answer me this, oh life that I have happily and somewhat recklessly lived for 30 years?

There's a lot of change in the air. And in our faces. Things have changed for me at my place of employment...days, hours, responsibilities...all on a good wave, I think. The days have been flying by. Todd's employment on the other hand...blech. The economy sucks. Businesses suck. We just have to believe that something better is on the horizon. Positive thinking or some bullshit like that. Anyway, we're sticking together through this one. Team Skunk-n-Weasel. If I have to work a little harder and a little more, take on more financial stress...hey, this is what marriage is. Having each other's backs.

Moving on.

Due to the above mentioned financial/employment weirdness, we will not be northern-bound for New Year's Eve. Instead, I think we're going to rally people on over to our corral. We'll get to The Falls another time. We've got our whole life together to overpay for beer and go to really horrible wax museums (I'm trying to make myself think it wasn't that great of an idea...sigh). But the get together we're throwing, whether we keep it small or make it massive, will be rad. As long as I'm locking lips with my husband at midnight! Or locking genitals. Whatever. Oh, and the cruise is on. I'm not cancelling all of our rad plans just because we're got a hitch in our giddyup. We WILL be getting tropical!

What else is in the news?

I love my husband, if anyone cares about that.

And my friends. I love you knuckleheads.

And I love you, Edward Cullen. Just don't tell my husband.

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Unemployment Crafts Girl said...

Who you callin' a knucklehead??? Ah, who am I kidding. You can call me anything you want as long as you preface it with "I love you..."! I'm a sucker for a girl with a good "Cleveland A"!