Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures of each other taken by each other.

I'm starting a new (read that as ADDITIONAL) blog in 2010. New Year's Day, to be exact. My life is pictures, so to speak. The details are over there. Over HERE: Stalk My Life!

I want to see how 2010 turns out and a picture speakers like a gazillion trillion words. And I now you'd love me to shut my face for awhile. So my camera is my constant companion and we'll see what we see. And I bet a lot of it will just be awesome.

So go on over to Stalk City and follow. You may miss me practicing my Ninja skills or doing some very out of character things to make the most our of 2010. Not that being a Ninja is out of character. You may see YOU doing crazy things. If you're in my life, you're in my blog. That's livin', baby.

Now back to The Cleveland A.

If I go see "New Moon" alone today, does that make me utterly pathetic and lame? Will I be that lame older broad in a theater full of teens and tweens?? Let it be known that Edward Cullen...rather closer to my age than most of those little monsters (the movie-goers, not the vampires and werewolves). It's playing at 11:25. I bet I can see it before Todd even gets out of bed. Sneaking off to see it saves me from being brutally made fun of by my husband. I just don't need.

I have a box of Sno-Caps all set to go!

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