Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't think that it bothers me at all.

I am no movie reviewer. I'm barely a solid reviewer of my own life. But let me just say this, and take it very seriously: NEW MOON WAS AWESOME! They managed to pack a LOT of what happened in that ginormous book into 130 minutes, I'll tell you what. So it wasn't the best movie ever made (who can top "Saturday the 14th"?) but it WAS awesome and I DID love it. It was the first time in a long time...if not ever...that I didn't want a movie to end. I felt alive when I walked to my car (or undead...take your pic) after a day pf pretty much feeling like a zombie. It was chilly and damp and it felt like Forks.

-not nearly enough of The Cullens.
-lengthy periods without Edward...stupid book.
-Kristen Stewart and her constant stammering.
-NOT a realistic break-up (with or without a vampire).
-a few cheesey parts (like the Edward flashbacks).
-Dakota Fanning. What's the big deal?

-werewolves...big ones...and their phasing.
-staying true to the book.
-Edward got hotter despite my assumption that it was impossible.
-Victoria vs. The Werewolves. Short but rad.
-evoked me...the big dork alone at the movies.
-cool fight scenes with the Volturi.
-did I mention Edward?
-better soundtrack.

So there you have it. After a pretty rotten day, I saw New Moon. And I have plans with at least 3 other people to see it again. Hey, I work hard. I've been working overtime. I keep my house in order, pay my pills, keep food in the fridge. If I want to treat myself to the same movie 4 times, who's going to stop me? I didn't see "Twilight" in the theater so I'm making up for it now. Todd was sweet enough to offer to see it with me but thank GOD he didn't. Shedding a few tears when Edward left Bella would have been my doom.

Like when I was sobbing over dead baby seals.

Happy Turkey Day, y'all. Have fun. Get fat.

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