Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not lost but gone before.

Emotions. Can I get rid of them? Can I feed them to your snake? Will your snake eat my emotions? When Karen and The Tigers put out their death metal album, I hope there is a song on it called, "Will Your Snake Eat My Emotions?".

Going to see The Breeders tonight. I wasn't really that pumped about it to be honest (sorry, Johnny) but their new album is amazingly good. Especially the song "German Studies". I hate how the German language sounds (sorry Germans), maybe because I can't speak it and anyone I know who TRIES to speak it sounds like their on the verge of hacking up lungs and tossing guts. Not attractive. No desireable. This song, this album...good stuff. Now I'm pumped.

I woke up early this morning and had breakfast with Todd before he went to work. I've only done this twice but both times, I've missed him twice as much during the day which is annoying. Like getting carbon fiber on your skin. Oh the agony of having those little black fibers on my HANDS!!! Nightmare. Total and utter.

Regardless...Todd and I had some ruff-n-rocky spots this week which were about as annoying as the aforementioned carbon fabric. But we're back to being total knock-outs. I guess if you don't have a brawl or a spat every now and again then you won't be inclined to send your girlfriend texts that say, "Have I told you lately how much I'm in love with you?". Knocks my socks right off. Every day.

Told my mom I felt queasy. Hates it. Makes her nervous.

Feelign queasy makes me nervous also. GULP!

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