Thursday, May 29, 2008

I look at you. Looks like everything's better.

Today feels like the Titanic is sinking all over again. Why can't the boat just SINK!? Why can't the day just END!? Crabby? Yeah. I'm a little crabby. I'm a little concerned. And I'm a little sexually frustrated. All these things together do not make for a tasty and effective cocktail. They make for a mother-trucking TIME BOMB! I want to get in my car, listen to Teen Idols REAL LOUD, and just be fucked-up for awhile. I tried to address what's bugging me but I got what I like to call "The One Word Fuck You" word answers or short, infrequent blow-offs. Nothing was addressed. My skin is still crawling. Don't get me wrong. I'm not mad at anyone. I'm just irritated. It's like wetting your pants and then being forced to sit in your wet pants. I'm not talking diaper rash or anything. I'm talking full-on adult sitting in wet panties...clingy wet drawers. That's my level of annoyance currently. I wish I had "Let's Make Noise" on my I-Pod. I would blast that jam until 480 got shakey.

I'm going out tonight and that's that. I want to be my old, rock-n-roll, Sharky self. I'm gonna get dressed, get tipsy and rock out. Even if I have to do it alone. I used to go to shows alone. I used to go to shows all the damn time. One year I saw over 100 DIFFERENT bands! Where have THOSE days gone? Why have I sacrificed so much of myself and what I love? I'm not one thousand years old. I can go out on a work night and just be awesome. Not worrying what other people are thinking and doing. I'm screwing up left and right in certain aspects of my life. I know this. Shark Attack! Records? Fuck. I threw up all over that because I let personally issues fuck up my goals. And school? Suckah, please. What happened to the version of me that DIDN'T GIVE A FUCK!?!?!?!

That's who I am today. I'm that girl. I'll wear my Lost Sounds shirt to prove it.

How do you like me now?

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