Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who do I do this for...HEY...me or you?

"They" say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I say that absence makes your heart take on a life of it's own which sometimes includes trying to escape from inside your chest cavity using brutal force and prison weapons. I think absnece makes your heart want to commit murder and run wild in the streets spewing jello-y blood and guts! The absence that my heart had to endure (endure...like I was being tortured rather than on a bad-ass Disney World vacation) from Thursday until yesterday was pure agony on that tuff, little, bloody muscle! But it's back to thumping and pumping as it should and no lives were lost. No injuries sustained. Important realizations were made though. I really, truly am in love. Not that I had doubts before (NO DOUBTS). I'm a lucky ducky to have a fox like Todd and I know it...his hotness is just a perk though...it's what's gonna on inside that gets my motor revving. But the separation...no matter how small...just solidified the fact that I am going to spend the rest of my life with him. I want to cover his face in saliva until death.

Now that the mush and gush is out of the way...

Family vay-cay was a blast and a half, like doing a shot of expensive Vodka and having someone punch you in the face! Sure, I got too much sun and tossed my cookies and yeah, I miss Todd so much that I went all zombie a few times, and blah, I missed a Pussyfoot show that went really well...but it was really amazing. I got to ride Tower of Terror (after a beer and a milkshake...dummy) and the Haunted Mansion (twice), I saw the Little Mermaid show, we ate in Japan at Epcot, I had a German beer and French martini, I shopped, I swam, I got in quality time with my little nieces and nephew. It all was good stuff...stuff that life-long memories are made of. One of my FAVORITE memories made on this trip will be when my boyfriend who loves me sent me drunk text messages telling me how much he HATED ME for leaving him. The one that said, "HATE! HATE! HATE!" may have very well be my favorite. I hope we can print all those affectionate sentiments on our wedding invitations!

37 days until Heavy Rebel. My heart is purring in anticipation.

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