Monday, May 19, 2008

You have a thousand things in front of you.

I'm not getting all Carrie Bradshaw on you asses but when are things too good to be true? I'm currently text flirting with my own boyfriend! That's so damn silly and yet whenever his name pops on my screen, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I get ants in my pants (at least, I hope they're ants and not, like, Herpes). Some "people" have been worried that I'm going to overthink how good things are (due to a past that pretty much makes me want to projectile vomit clotty blood in your face) and flip like a stack of pancakes. Well, "people" (a.k.a. Phee-Bizzle), I'm not flipping. No flapjacks here. I'm appreciating every little second of this relationship to the best of my effed-up ability. I'm drinking it in like a would a frosty cocktail. This so good for me that I MUST believe I did something right in this life or another. Maybe when you take as many emotional sucker punches as I have and keep getting back're bound to get dealt a good hand. Too many analogies? Boxing? Poker? I don't know. My brain is tired and I'm rambling. I'm just all lovin' on Todd and I want this in print because I don't doubt that something gruesome will happen in some other aspect of my life and I want to remind myself that I've got somethign good going on. And that good thing isn't going anywhere. He promised.

Now that I'm done shooting love out of all my sockets and onto your eyeballs, I can say that this was a phat weekend and it has me all exhausted. Even my hair is tired. And I said "phat". That's what happens when your brain needs a nap. I was going to list off all the amazing things I did this weekend but blather, rot, kill, die. I just don't feel like it. I feel like putting on pajamas, making myself a cacoon and sleeping until my weasel...weasels. We took the best nap together yesterday. Our FIRST nap after a ball-kicking-good breakfast with all my besties. It was one of those moments where my belly was fully, my body was tired, and I thought, "I can't possible be any more comfortable or happy than I am right now". Unless of course my skin was made out of pajamas. Luckily, I'm leaving for vacation on THURSDAY!! Unfortunately, it's the kind of vacation that you come back exhausted from. Drat. But I'm going to make sweet love to every minute of it.

I have to interject and say...I smell a hot dog.

Regardless...the entire time Todd and I have been dating, we've only slept apart ONE TIME and that was Friday and it was miserable! It was like being scalped. Or having my ovaries removed by demons. It was like the robotic wolves had been starved to the brink of death and were slowly picking me apart. It was a nightmare. I don't want to sound all girly was a nightmare. And I've got 4 nights alone in a hotel room coming up. Nightmare! I either suspect carnage or cocktails. In bulk. So...yeah, an entire docu-blog on how mind-blowing and vag-quaking my boyfriend is. I am almost 30 years old, for screaming bloody murder out loud! I guess I should be thankful that I can still feel this way, right? That my heart hasn't turned into chrome? Yeah. Shut the Hell up, dummy.

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