Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm just gonna scream and shout!

It's so quiet where I am right now. Quiet and cold and sad. I'm itching to get on with my day because I have a "to do list" that is one million miles long. If every Chinese person in the world walked by, the line would never end. And THAT is my "to do list". That was not original material but it is exaclty fitting. I have to grocery shop because bitches gotta feed, and pussies, too. I have to finish at LEAST mine and Karen's routine to "Sisters" for Saturday and to go along with THAT task, I have to get two fans since it's a semi-fan dance! THEN there's my OWN solo dance which has a foundation but needs to be revved up a bit. And of course, the kitchen needs to be cleaned, the basement needs to be finished, there's showering and grooming to do, and I would LOVE to have my boyfriend lay on top of me for awhile. So I guess I'll come up for air sometime around...Friday. Fuck.

The weekend was pretty boss, even if Todd and I lost about 3-4 hours of our life in some sort of vortex. The oddest things happen to us after we leave the Jigsaw. It's like when the Maitland's left there house and encountered sandworms with no concept of time or distance. Regardless, we saw bands, we drank, we socialized, we looked adorable, and we fell in love all over again which was actually part of the plan all along. Saturday we were bums but Sunday we were mega-productive so I guess we don't need spankings. But we might WANT them. Now I'm couting down the milliseconds until this weekend. My plan is to chillax major on Friday and then Saturday, not only is there a Pussyfoot show at The Sac, but Queen B is coming to visit, weather catastrophe pending! I think I need a little Becky time to bring me a few steps further away from the ledge. I've been feeling great lately (and my entire family said I looked Grandma said I'm a new person...thank you, Todd) but when she's around...I feel better.

That's pretty much the Cliff's Notes version of my life right now. Busy. Psyched. Hot in the pants. I wish I had some gorey details for you to make my life seem more intense or dramatic but right's domestic. And that can be applied to both my house cleaning/cooking/nesting AND my beer intake. I haven't gone soft. I'm just coasting. Cruising, if you will. I'm sure I'll be "piggy drunk" as Carol High Hair says on Saturday, and I plan to recover with flapjacks on Sunday. All my bills are paid up, I'm weeding things out, I'm sucking up as much time as my friends will let me. I'm a happy gal. I'm a lucky gal. Come to The Sac on Saturday and see how happy and lucky I am!!! 52 days to Heavy Rebel. 10 days to Disney World.


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