Monday, June 23, 2008

I love you forever...til' death do us part.

I still can't stop listening to "Breakaway" by Detroit Cobras. And I HATE Detroit Cobras so it's getting a little un-nerving. Yet so damn catchy! And the lyrics seem so fitting in regards to certain relationships I've had in the past. I sing it really, really loud in my car, too. People have to think I'm either berzerk or just having a really, really good time. Usually when I sing along to songs...since I can NOT sing, unless you want your ears to bleed in agony...I think of what instrument I would be playing in the band if I was in the band. Usually it's guitar. With "Breakaway"...and "Lights Out" by Angry's always drums. Todd said I can beat on his drums so I'm pretty psyched. Then I can officially be well-rounded.

I just wrote two paragraphs about the weekend but they were neither interesting nor creative and God KNOWS it wouldn't be a proper blog if I didn't over use my adjectives! So wordy. I think I get that from Phoebe. Plus, I was busy text-flirting so my paragraphs were choppy and distracted. Text flirting is maybe my third favorite thing to do after holding hands and making out. There's been a lot of hand-holding since Thursday so I'm pumped. Regardless, the weekend was neither the best ever nor a total disaster. There were a few bump, really...but that's to be expected since we're herding drama llamas right now (a girl I know said that phrase and I'm totally stealing it because it's boss). But overall...since Friday and Saturday morning were so boss and there was lots of hand holding and smooching Sunday at the movies...I'll give it a 7.

And coming up on your local news...

Lots of exciting adventures are right around the corner! Since I am adopting this new upbeat, positive, happy, "in it for life", only worrying about the people I care about, making the most out of what I'm given attitude, treating people as I want to be treated attitude...WHEW!...I am pretty psyched about everything that is up and coming. Going to Summit with Todd this weekend for...I'm not sure what for. Drag racing of some sort. We bought these tickets the week we started dating. Then, of course, HEAVY REBEL!!! Dragway 42 comes next (where we developed mini-crushes and started cyber-stalking). Then another trip to Summit, the BEST Jump In The Sac show YET (HEPTAAAAAAAAAAANES), Niagara Falls version 2.0, The Great Chicago Shake-Down featuring Tom, Carol and Johnny, and who knows what else. Having stuff to look forward to makes life better.

Just like when Todd puts extra, extra, extra cheese on my pizza!

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