Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gotta be a better way to punch my ticket.

I'm fighting a pretty gnarly headache right now. It feels like my brain is trying to force it's way out through two points at the top of my skull. Or out my eye sockets, which would be terrifying! Either way, something is going on inside my mellon that is akin to a very loud Motorhead concert inside a closet with no earplugs...or mediocre earplugs. I'm unfocused and unhappy, uncooperative and unproductive.

I've been incredibly stressed recently and it's creating chaos and havoc all up and down this body. That's probably WHY my brain is trying to escape. It probably wants to find a nice, comfy, stress-free body to chillax in. Last week, Todd and I thought I might have had a bun in the oven. Or a robotic wolf. Either way, we thought sperm met egg and something was cookin'. And I sort of FELT pregnant. I was showcasing all of the signs except the positive pee stick.

You can all chillax and pick your jaws up off the floor. Nothing is currently growing up in there. My body chose to bleed, not breed. It's the BEST THING for right now. We plan on being a little family one day but there are other steps we've gotta take first. Like growing up! I don't think just because you get knocked up you automatically become a mother. I'm not done being a Pussyfoot Girl and drinking beer and rocking out. Not just yet! And we want to get married (Hell...the whole wedding is planned down to what he's wearing and how I'm doing my hair). And we just started talking about the whole "moving in" thing. So mutant babies can wait. There's plenty of time.

Now I just have to get rid of this stooooooopid skull-crusher I have going on. The only thing that really helped me at all today was steel-banding an abraidable mold to ship to Canada. I just learned how to do it and something about how sweaty I was and all the gadgets I got to use and the satisfaction in the security of this pricey piece of...whatever it is...I felt when I was done sort of erased the pain momentarily. But I can't sit and steel band stuff all the live-long day! I'd be like one of those art fags that glues everything in sight! Don't let me be an industrial art fag...I beg of you.

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