Monday, June 09, 2008

Just to think, you were just passing by.

I just looked down at my calendar to see what the countdown was until we leave for Heavy Rebel (24 days, bitches) and almost threw up all over it. This week in my little life is jam-packed solid like sardines in a can! Like clowns in a clown car! Like genitals in a porn star's holes! Yeah, I grossed myself out with that one. Feel a little dirty now. Walk it off. Anyway...Yikes! Stripes! I'm going to actually need to schedule time to shower and sleep at this rate! I guess it's better to have a full dance card than be a wallflower. Or something sappy like that.

Today: Work on new PFG routine.
Tuesday: PFG practice.
Wednesday: Delivering fliers and JITS meeting.
Thursday: Iron Maiden at Blossom.
Friday: Miss Firecracker AND Sasquatch shows!
Saturday: Company picnic thing and Jen's party.
Sunday: Father's Day.
Monday: DROP DEAD!!!

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