Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't go quietly.

I'm getting a skunk stripe! In my HAIR! A beautiful, frosty white skunk stripe just like the one Diane Freeling ended up with in Poltergeist after she and Carol Ann fell from the sky covered in Jell-O! I remember her asking Dana if she liked it and wasn't it punk rock...oh Poltergeist. What a piece of Cinematic GENIUS you are! SKUNK STRIPE! It probably won't be as white as I want it by Heavy Rebel (3 days!!! I think my uterus just fell out due to how PUMPED I AM) but it will be on it's way! Oh so frosty! Oh so skunky. And I'm not the only one who's super psyched about the Skunk Stripe. I have a text message in my phone that saus, "Yeah. Do it. Then I'll marry you". He would have married me any way but a fiancee/wife with a hot SKUNK STRIPE!?!?! Hot-diggity-dog!

Anal sex. Discuss.

Tomorrow is the first day of July which is always a vag-quaking month for me so I'm super amped! SUPER PSYCHED! Not only does July bring Heavy Rebel (3 days!!!) and the Dragway 42 Rock-n-Race featuring the Pussyfoot Girls (HOLY COW!), as well as other summer events (Ford Night at Summit), but I always get chomped on by the art bug!!! I've got paint on my hands and I'm LOVING IT! I want paint on my FACE! I have 2 paintings in the works for Potsie Shark Pants, 1 for Tommy Bones, 1 painting, a drawing, and a custom Munny in the works for some dude named Todd (heart-go-throb), and I'm getting ready to get-knitty-with-it so you guys are all styling in scarves for the winter!! addition to summer fun and art projects... we have babies due in July!! Jessica is going to pop out little (or BIG as it seems from photos) Izzy at the end of the month and Baby May is going to make an appearance any day now!! I love July. I want to MAKE LOVE to July.

I'm sort of over talking about my weekends. They tend to be such rollercoasters any more. I'll just weed through any weirdness (and the weirdness didn't last long...ended with some really kick-ass snuggle time) and tell you that fun was had. We went to Summit Mototsports Park on Saturday for the NHRA finals which was fun, despite having my chest vibrate and my ears explode. Todd took some pretty adorable shots of us. So adorable that I guarantee you'd throw up in your lap. Sunday we kidnapped some kids and took them to the park, got pizza, listened to them say and do ridiculous things. Kids are funny. They put on fake tattoos so little girls will chase them. I probably would have if I were 7. Regardless...the weekend is over and everyone made it out alive. And now there are 3 days until Heavy Rebel. THREE!


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