Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bow in the presence of greatness.

As you may have noticed, avid readers, I deleted yesterday's blog. I have only deleted 2 other blogs since 2001. I shouldn't have but did. What I had to say should really be said face-to-face. So I'll make that happen if I have to. I am NOT a person who is only tough on paper. Anything I said, I'd say to someone's face. So...putting that one to bed. I'm done with it.

In lighter, fluffier, cuter news, I am building the "BEST BACK SEAT" trophy for this year's Dragway 42 Rock-n-Race!!! I made my request to Jim and he was all about it. Not only will I be building the trophy and entering it in "BEST TROPHY" contest. Then I get to actually judge you will get the trophy for "BEST BACK SEAT". I told Todd about my design plan last night and he seemed really pumped about it. Than made me feel pretty boss. It's good to have art projects to do (yes, Potsie, your 2 paintings are top priority...even over Todd's Munny which he's been waiting for since...April...boy, I'm delayed).

Anyway, I really want to win "BEST TROPHY" but I'm not holding my breath. Can't wait to test out all those back seats! I need to develope some sort of criteria for how they will be judges. As I've said, it's best back seat as in Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Hubba, hubba. Where's my bra? Is that the cops!?! I figured if the car passes the visual test (I'm not getting a spring up thisbackside...it's a hot commodity), I will then crawl back there and see how awesome I feel. If I feel awesome and the car is still qualified...well...that's where the criteria list is still in the developement stages. I have 5 weeks to get my bullet points down.

And of course...the 3rd Saturday of the month is straight ahead so it's time to Jump In The Sac with The Pussyfoot Girls! Per usual, doors are at 8:00, bands (4 this month...YOWZA) are at 9 on the dot. The theme is GET TANKED so wear a tank top of wife beater for drink specials. Cocktail Shakers, Death By Rodeo, Thunderthighs, Switchblade Saints, and of course, the lusty, busty Pussyfoot Girls. I just wanted to rhyme lusty and busty today. We're not that full of ourselves, yo. DJ Erin from "Hot Trash" will be spinning tunes. I'm be cruisin' around (but not getting drunk...putting beer on the back burner cause I haven't been feeling like myself lately) so come say HELLO! Shake my paw.

I really wish I had some Wacky Mad Libs. Sigh...

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