Thursday, June 12, 2008

I heard your heart beating true.

I don't even know what I feel like saying today. I'm half hyper and my motor is really revving and I'm half exhausted and need to shove some toothpicks up in these lids. Neither is helping me feel very settled right now. It's a weird and sort of uncomfortable combination. Probably not the prime time to empty my brain on the page for posterity but whatever. In hind-sight, I guess I'll want to have record of every kind of day I lived. Right now, I'm bored, hot-in-the-pants, and struggling to function, all while being highly annoyed by a dinosaur-sized house fly (that isn't in my house). In my book, that's blog time!

We're packing up the Cat-Mobile (I use to call it "Earl" but I'm sort of over that title. Earl was my friend. He is my friend. And he's big and black, like my car...but I haven't seen him in awhile and the novelty has worn) on Saturday and trucking on down to Toledo for the "Makin' Junk Run" car show, following in the footsteps of Grimm-n-Jim. RUN ON SENTENCE! YOWZA! Anyway, I really need this right now. I need some one-on-one time with Todd outside of the bedroom and off the couch, just for a little while. I think he needs some fun and I think I'm the girl he should have it with. G-Rated, X-Rated, whatever. I can't reach in an massage his brain...without bloody and lethal I'm going for an alcohol-fueled, rockin'-out sort of remedy. I suspect positive results.

And before we ditch down like those 2 outlaws in that Steve Miller the way, I just recently learned that after they store the money, SHE stole it from HIM..., we're going to see Miss Firecracker One Woman band on the west side and THEN going to see Cult of the Ps...ARRRRRRRRRRGH! I just massacred that house FLY! Fluids were FLYING! It reminded me of being in bed with Todd, but only slightly more gruesome. I usually don't want to vomit after a good tussle. BLECH! I hate flies. Where was I? Cult of the Psychic Fetus is opening for my pals and yours (maybe not YOURS)...Sasquatch and The Sick-a-Billies! Who's psyched??? THIS GUY!

I don't really even feel like talking about anything any more after the fly incident. I can see him in my garbage can and one of his buddies is circling. Plus, every time I talk about how stoked I am for the weekend...something blows up in face and I just can't take that kind of let down right now. I want to sleep in, I want cocktails, I want to rock out, I want to smooch, I want to hold hands, I want to wear my FORD tank-top, I want to hug Natalie, I want to watch Dave drool, I want to paw old cars, I want to cruise with the tunes on (OOH! Road trip set list has to be made tomorrow!!! Not that Toledo is far...or awesome...), I want to have hotel sex, I want to NOT have a hangover. I want a lot. I just want to have some fun. And I want Todd to have fun. And F-U-N quotient looks promising.

I just decided right now that I'm going to document the whole weekend in pictures. Did I mention it's a long weekend that's starting in 20 minutes?!? You guys are in for some photographic treats come Monday, let me tell YOU! Yeah...I'm smiling right now. The only thing that would make this weekend better is if I uncontrollably burst out laughing during sex which prompted Todd to do the same. Oh WAIT. Let me try again...the only thing that would make this weekend better is if I had a tattoo instructing me on how to use chopsticks tattooed on my forearm. But that's coming soon. What WOULD make this weekend better???


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