Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You knew you'd have yourself a ball!

Sweet Zombie Jesus, I'm in a amazingly good mooooooooood! I feel like I just ate a whole bag of Swedish Fish and than ran around in circles, that's how good of a mood I'm in. My current state of "awesomeness" started yesterday morning and just sort of evolved into this legendary k-rad mood. I feel like a million bucks...that just ate a whole bag of Swedish Fish and ran around in circles! Now mind you, I did neither of those things. But still, I feel boss. I'm all smiley and upbeat. People probably think I'm high as a kite. I'm not. I'm just pumped. I'm trying to harness this feeling because life has sucked like poison fish heads recently. I'll take pumped over poisoned any day of the week. I am going to be so hot with smile lines. And as a side note...I really like how my clothes are fitting today. I feel tall and fit and awesome. ROCK!

I cooked the fella some grub and then we hopped in the Mustang...which I look terribly awkward doing and I pretty much just fall into it...and went to Ford Night at Quaker Stake. We didn't even get out of the mobile, the cruise-in was so lame. But we had lots of laughs on the way. Since I am pretty much 8 years old inside, I am obsessed with buttons and dials and levers and that car is full of gadgets! Untouchable gadgets! They taunt me endlessly. BUT NO MORE! Because Todd designated me my own button!!!! "Lacey's Annihilation Button". It's green. At first when I fired it, it would give cancer to people who were going slow or getting in the way of the Mustang or people/businesses I just felt like destroying. But in thinking about it, giving cancer to people is not nice. So instead, my button will give them appendicitis, because THAT is horrific. You feel like you're going to throw up, sweat to death, and poo like mad all at once. And that's what my button does. So eventhough the car show was the pits, cruisin' around and giving people appendicitis with Todd was mad fun. We laughed and smiled a lot. And he said the button will help us in our battle against the world. That woke up the robotic wolves.

We polished off some beer and watched a movie. His hand on my leg and the smooching and the quick glances at each other were TOTALLY riling up the wolves. They were getting their feed on! It was like a first date but we were already totally in sync with each other. And at bed time, everything just felt RIGHT!! We can totally be ourselves with each other. I can even hop around the room using my blanket as a cape! And he laughs about it! He called me his Wonder Woman! He doesn't think I'm embarrassing or retarded! And yesterday, he was upstairs fiddling on the internet and I was downstairs chilling with Family Guy...and he said that he was falling even harder for me or falling for me all over again (or something like that) just listening to me laugh down there by myself. Little things like that...I'm so lucky. And HAPPY!!!!

I'm sorry. I hate being the girl who gets all gushy over her relationship like that's all my life revolves around. It's not. But it's really important to me and has been really important to me from the get-go. I'm protective of it. And of my heart. And if you refer back to how my former mood was much like poisoned fish heads...and some of you know what's been going on, to an extent...you'll allow me these few minutes of gushing. As long as I'm not gushing in my panites on your brand new silk covered chairs, right? I mean...that can only possibly happen ONCE. And I just got a text that says, "I love my silly gal". How cool is that? It's very cool. It's SUPER SWEET!

Just like a ninja.

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