Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wake up to your face against the morning sun.

Nesting update...

I would like to quickly gush over our new bedroom. Todd loves it and said he feels like we're tucked away and safe. We have nothing distracting in our room, unlike the circus we slept in at the Corral. Nothing on the walls. Nothing much going on besides a dresser, bookshelf, and royal blue paint on one wall. And I haven't slept better than I have the past 5 nights in years.

The runt's bedroom set was lovingly delivered by Joe and Sharon, who are pretty much our husband and wife. It's even better than I remembered and he's going to flip his wig when he sees it. What 9 year old boy doesn't want a bunkbed? Matching dresser and desk...and the clock and bedding I ordered for him are coming tomorrow! I wish it was my room...if I wasn't already in loving relationship with my room, that is.

And my husband sure does love my guts. He and Joe took apart this "hobby station"...according to the previous the basement and put it in my art room. It's PURRRRFECT. Lots of storage and a large, sturdy work station. I know it was a bit of a chore to make it happen but I'm in love with my art room now. It has me written all over it and I'm ready to get back to painting. Stephanie has a stomach-eating girl in her future!

So the house is AMAZING, life is rad, and I'll have sweet pics tomorrow!


Camevil said...

This is the second time I've peed myself this morning. Eeee!

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

That's how you can guilt trip Blobzilla when he/she gets older. "I wet my pants sooooo many times while carrying you that you should really bake me a cake!".

Or something like that ; )

juste venteux said...

So awesome Lacey! I love hearing you so happy!