Thursday, August 19, 2010

High above the noise and competition.


The following things are all AWESOME SAUCE:

-I'm meeting Carol today for a cocktail.
-I'm meeting Todd in our hot tub after I meet Carol for a cocktail.
-Todd and I have been married 11 months as of today.
-The pinatas are almost done.
-The pinatas are going to be awesome.
-Becky is coming the day after tomorrow.
-Karl is finishing my leg on Wednesday.
-Hopefully talking to Karl about covering up my lower back junk.
-Bouncing Souls are opening for Bad Religion in October.
-We have appointments with Krista @ the October convention.
-Deadbolt is coming again & we probably don't have to go
-Phoebe is coming to Grayskull next week.
-Lords of the Highway's 20th anniversary show is Friday 9/3 & I'm OFF.
-Johnny and I are going to the Breeders together.
-Johnny is coming to our Halloween House Warming.
-We may rent a karaoke machine for the above event.
-I'm going to dress as Lady Gaga.

Life, as I usually say, is GOOD.

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