Monday, August 23, 2010

Everybody laughs at love but what they want is to be proven wrong.

Celebrating 21st birthdays is a blast...until the next morning.

I hope I contibuted to my nephew's big 2-1 in a positive way. I'm pretty good at putting together birthday presents so I'm thinking it was a success. He got some neat things from Urban Outfitters, plenty of alcohol...

...and a pinata shaped like an olive full of everything a 21 year old needs: shot glasses (with mustaches on them!!), airplane booze, mardi gras beads, 21 dollars, quarter, dimes, nickles, pennies, candy, "send me home, I'm drunk" labels...all good stuff.

And I'm super glad Todd and I were at the bar at midnight for his first legal shot and beer. I made a little toast and told him he was one of my favorite people on the planet, my buddy and I loved him. Then we all did a shot together.

Which is probably what lead to me karaoke-ing "Ballroom Blitz". Ugh.

The weekend overall was rad. Maybe not Friday. I put the last layer on the pinatas and had to lay down. I'll be the first to admit...I shoud've gone to the hospital Thursday night when I clocked my head getting out of the hot tub. Blood is always a bad sign. And a little red smudge in my vision couldn't have been good. Or the constant blinking. All signs that I ignore. So Friday night I had to put my concussed self to bed and call it a wash.

Saturday was 6.5 hours of putting tiny scraps of paper on the end of an eraser, dipping them in glue, and turning a paper mached balloon into an olive. Then we celebrated the hot dog with Becky!! It was so damn good to have her around. Everything feels better when she's there. Came home and hit the pool with a bunch of pals (including Tom and Carol who gave us a bottle of champagne and some rad tiki mugs). Becky was nice enough to chill at home with the sleeping kid so we could be with Matt at midnight. Then we had a super-sized sleepover.

I woke up foggy. Todd barely woke up at all.

For some reason I thought running laps in the pool at 8:00am was a good idea. Not one of my best. I had to pass on Melt and spent the rest of Saturday alternating between Gray's Anatomy and napping. Not bad for a Sunday. Polished it all off with pizza and a movie.

So it was a solid weekend to be followed by a solid week! Karl is finishing my shin on Wednesday, Phee-Bizzle is visiting Grayskull on Thursday, Todd and I are HARDCORE hybernating for some alone time with a Quentin Tarrantino movie marathon this weekend, and Sunday we'll be at the wedding of one of the sweetest most kind-hearted people I know!!

I hope you're having a good time doing whatever you're doing!

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