Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is my home. I'm coming home.

My grandma is coming home tomorrow with hospice care. Hospice is a scary word but my grandma probably needs more help than my aunts can give her at this point. Thanks to everyone for crossing your fingers for her. I appreciate your awesomeness.

Out of nowhere last night, I got smacked in the brain by a 100.1 fever (that's hiiiiigh for me) and the chills. I had on pants, long sleeves, socks, multiple blankets...I ached head to toe and was whimpering until I passed out. Woke up this morning, after less than 12 hours of weirdness, feeling tip top!

Replaced my missing license. Kalahari banana mudslide, here I come!

And I will end this by saying that I never want to hear "California Gurls" again. It's a TERRIBLE, brainless song. And as you all know, I'm typically a fan of songs with a good hook. Not this one. I wish it would merge with that Owl City nightmare and just disappear from music history and take the DJs who play them every house on the hour along!


Camevil said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother, but am happy about the hospice news, as grim as that sounds. Hospice care is a GREAT thing for her. Not only does it relieve the burden and stress on other family members so that they have time to spend meaningful moments with her, their "end-of-life" treatment, sensitivity and care will provide her and the family with such comfort.

I have avoided the radio and TV for months now, so I am thankful to have avoided that song. Sometimes being out of the loop is a good thing.

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

You have NO IDEA how lucky you are. It's the WORST song. And yest somehow, it's the most downloaded song in history. I could just barf in my socks.

And thanks...I think hospice care is the best thing for her right now. I tip my hat to the people who do that kind of work. I couldn't. I know that much.

Camevil said...

Oh, never mind. Just remembered Bob showed me the video not too long ago. Ick. Goes to show how forgettable the song is, tho.