Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I don't need no earthquake. Don't need no tidal wave.

My whole goal yesterday was to get a team together for the Winking Lizard skeeball league. It's mind blowing how different an idea seems once you've slept on it.

It was suggested that a vitamin deficiency could be part of my problem in the breeding department. Started the pre-natals today. Probably should've started them back in February. Whatever. I'm a procrastinator. Maybe my reproductive system is, too.

"Ah, the female reproductive system. It IS a mystery" - Johnny Switchblade

In a few weeks we'll be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. I feel like this needs to be commemorated. The first year is something special. It's not just smashed in there like, say, the fourth year. So we cooked up a plan that, as of now, looks like this:

Getting a fancy pants hotel room downtown (you know, plush bedding, tasty room service, the most expensive hookers in town), hitting the Bodies exhibit for some grotesque culture and the Chocolate Bar to stuff our faces, followed by hotel room antics! Ooh la la!

Sunday morning after breakfast, we'll meet up with our pals for tailgating. Tailgating on our anniversary, you say?  Nothing says CELEBRATION like a bottle of champagne and the top tier of your wedding cake with friends (and a pack of drunk bastards) in the Muni lot! LOVE IT!

To keep me busy until then, I'm on a mission to create the most perfectly perverse care package to send to Lisa in Korea. Imagine me creepily rubbing my hands together and laughing a sinister laugh...like Muttly from Wacky Races.

*tee hee hee hee hee hee*

And I think our picks for the Quentin Taratino movie marathon are in place: Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol. 1, and From Dusk Til Dawn. Stocking the cooler, making chicken-n-dumplings, and kickin' it in my pajamas with my Weasel all weekend. Maybe being a grown up doesn't really suck after all.


Bob Ignizio said...

Congrats on the impending anniversary. If you can live with a person for a year and not kill them, you've got a good chance of making it in the long haul. And what happened to the skeeball team idea?

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

We couldn't get a 3rd person! They're 3 person teams and it's a 7 week league. I was all pumped to hunt someone down to be our 3rd but after a few rejections...I threw in the towel.

Plus, I couldn't come up with a clever name.

juste venteux said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! The hooker thing made me laugh out loud. No True Romance?

Miss Cleveland 1979 said...

We just watched it not too long ago (and it's currently at a friend's house). And Todd didn't seem to dig it that much. Unbelieveable, I know.