Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here we are still around!

Love is in the air. Or marriage, rather. Phoebe and I got hitched (not to each other, though she IS my wife) and I know 4 engaged couples all of whom, I believe, are tying the knot in October of next year and most of whom, I KNOW, are awesome! If you're itching to get to the hitching, just stand in close proximity to me for a moment or two (this means YOU, Erin) because since I got engaged, everyone around me is all about commitment and shtuff. It couldn't hurt. I promise to shower regularly, wear an inviting fragrance, and keep my hands to myself!

I may have lied about that last part! I'm a liar.

I'm flipping exhausted. You'd think I'd been working the fields under the burning hot sun with nothing to drink but my own sweat. That's not the case. I want some quality sleep and I want it NOW. I demand it. Just a few days of solid, uniterrupted, nightmare-free sleep. Is that too much to ask for? Because at this moment, I'm looking for a dog to kick or a throat to slash because my brain-n-body are beat. A temporary coma would be divine. And I don't use frilly words like DIVIBNE. In fact, I'm aggitated that I even did that. And I blame it on my lack of sleep.

Mountain Shaker and Rockabye Ransom have completed the line-up for the birthday bash I am oh-so looking forward to. With 8,000 members in the band, it's been suggested that Mountain Shaker will need lube (I hate that word) for them all to fit in the basement. It's also been suggested that every band cover a Hall & Oates song which would be utterly terrific. I am very much looking forward to this event. It could be my corwning gem. But I think I've reserved "my crowning gem" for getting a skunk tattooed in my armpit!

I've got to get through New Year's festivities first before psyching up for my birthday. I'm also looking forward to ringing it all in as 2010 will definitely be our year. And your year, too, Tessa. I know it. With all the smack that's been happening to peopel I adore, good waves have to be coming. And January 1st starts my new photo blog project (http://stalkingmylife.blogspot.com) so be sure to start following. Unless you have no interest in what I find interesting. In which case, you're bananas.

"Abacab" is haunting me!!

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Unemployment Crafts Girl said...

Abacab! backwards it's bacaba!!!