Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've got wounds to bind.

In the song "Major Tom" by Peter Schilling, does Major Tom end of floating around in space due to a mechanical malfunction or does he purposefully CHOOSE to just disappear into outerspace? The song confused me once I listened more closely. This jam is equally as creepy as songs by The Alan Parsons Project. So heed my warning, don't listen to it at night, in the dark, alone, when upset or scared, and ESPECIALLY don't listen to it while driving alone at night in an unfamiliar or questionable neighborhood. Shivers.

Once I figure that one out, maybe I can finally decided whether it's a good or bad thing that Spaceshits want to "cook that woman up in bacon grease" and "grease her up, grease her up, man oh man". Still on the fence about that one.

The world is your oyster.

What if you don't like oysters? Are you screwed?

I've been feeling off recently. Not so much like myself and that needs to get remedied right quick. I need projects. I painted the bathroom last night and wrapped X-Mas gifts. That was only a temporary fix. I'd like to start painting again or do something else in the art department. But that involves money. And money got tight once we became a single income fam. Not that we were making it rain or anything before but still. I hate money. I want to set it all on fire...but not as much as I want to spend it. The bottom line is I need to turn my brain off for awhile. And I need a way to do that which inflicts less permanent damage than actually sawing my skull open and scooping that sucker out.

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