Sunday, December 27, 2009


Even though it rocked, I am glad Christmas is over.

I guess I could blather on and on about what we did with our families, what we gave each other, how much F-U-N we had Christmas Eve...but really, it's all summed up. It was out first Christmas as a married couple and as a family and I'm marking it as a total rip-roarin' success! My mom made us tell a (good or bad) Christmas memory. Todd said he was sure that this year would be his memory for NEXT year...since he has such a cool wife and all. Man, I am full of myself today. Nah...I'm just happy. Anyway, see you next year, X-Mas. Now my wallet can officially stop bitching at me!

God bless time off because I am just not ready to go back to work yet. Tonight we're going to have a mini holiday get together with some of our besties. I am beyound pumped for that. And tomorrow we're meeting up with all my cousins...who are cooler than most people and I wish I could be more like them when I grow up...for some family cocktails. Then a short week at work and another 5 day weekend!!! Solid.

I need to start thinking about New Year's resolutions. I know I, work on boosting my immune system. And I need to start saving some dough for any hypothetical spawn that may start cooking in 2010...or for a Mini-Cooper if I'm feelin ultimately shallow. Regardless, I've learned (thanks to Carol) that the more resolutions/goals I set for myself over the year, the more chances I have to feel like a success rather than a failure. Not that I often times feel like a failure. I'm too awesome for that.

Is owning 50 plaid shirts a solid resolution? I think so.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say life is good. In case anyone forgot.

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