Wednesday, December 09, 2009

First you must learn to swim all over again.

Dear Awesome Commenters:

1. The new additions to the PFG clan with be Grimm's girlfriend, Erin (and GRIMM himself as our smarmy emcee, hopefully in some sort of glittery suitcoat and fake mustache), and a friend of Karen's that I have never metbut she comes highly recommended. If we can squeeze just one more luscious lady in there, I think we'll be solid. It's going to be new and improved and hopefully involve a lot more antics in animal costumes.

2. The only reason I'm not going to nursing school (besides being allergic to toddlers and the elderly) is that things are really solid at my current place of employment. May not be the job I dreamed of as a little girl but honestly, I was never going to be a succesful sculptor or plastic surgeon. So with room to grow, overtime, work days that just fly by, and a laid-off husband...I better stay put for now. I don't think nursing school is going anywhere. I also don't think I'll ever throughly be able to wrap my head around math. Plus, my extra pennies need to be invested in a plane ticket to Korea.


Yours Truly

P.S. I have recently purchased a switchblade comb for mustaches, ranch salad dressing flavored breath mints, and a stuffed animal that represents MRSA wearing a cape. How do you like me now?

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