Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lights on the tree. I'm watchin' them shine.

My favorite Christmas song is the version of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" by New Bomb Turks. It was recorded on a 3-track in someone's kitchen. I'm almost 100% certain it's on the Pissing Out The Poison album. Get it, listen to it, and if you don't have it, bring your record player to my house because I DO have it. It's even more gross and raw on vinyl. Oh Eric Davidson, how you have the ability to make me uncomfortable like no other! I love the way you kind of look like a little less Frankenstein-y version of Quentin Tarrantino.

A titch of my holiday spirit has been restored, I'm happy to say. I guess I should say a part of my OVERALL spirit has been restored. You know how sometimes you have to make smaller messes before a room gets decluttered and cleaned? Yeah. It happpens in all areas of life. There was a big mess which became several smaller messes and now everything is clean. And I'm all happy-n-content-n-satisfied. Which is much better than being than being a total jerkoff. Not saying I was being one. Just saying.

I don't want to get all nostalgic about 2009 but I can't believe it's going to be over in 2 weeks. This year has been the most bananas combination of insanity and pure awesomeness. I had my first art show and it was a success, I got married to someone rad, I went to Jamaica and swam with 8 foot sharks, Jen had a perfect baby, we decided to try breeding (early next year), things changed for me at work (smile), things changed for Todd at work (frown), PHOEBE got married (by ME)...and those are just the big ticket items! There was plenty more awesomeness and insanity filling in the gaps! I'm bummed to see 2009 go but super psyched to enter 2010 with guns blazing!

I'm in a good place right now. I don't feel like slashing throats or kicking babies. I feel all whole and undamaged. Who knew? Life is good!

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