Monday, December 07, 2009

When I swallow my gum, you never react.

For the sake of posterity, I want to make note that Todd watched "Twilight" with me last night. It could have been due to beer consumption. It could have been that he was in a turkey dinner induced coma. But the text he sent to Tessa suggests that it was because he loves me.

This may shock you but I am really getting in the X-Mas spirit this year. Big holidays typically make me (and my husband) want to throw up in the laps of innocent passerbys but I guess I've got the bug this year. Tessa and I are going to rally next Wednesday and get our shop on. I'm a bad shopper in a sense that I like to buy but not to SHOP. But I pride myself on being a good gift giver so I've got my list and I'm going into those stores with guns blazzing! Todd is in for some pure awesomeness. It'll take every ounce of self-restraint I have to not give him his gifts on our Anti-X-Mas-Eve.

Hit up 2 parties on Saturday despite my ever-growing exhaustion and had a great time. First was Tom & Carol's Taco Party. I wish my walnut sized brain would've remembered to bring "Taco Party" by Michael Ian Black. If you haven't read that yet, do it! It's in the book "My Custom Van" and I pee a little (just like when Karen jumps on a trampoline) every time I read it. Anyway, the were excellent hosts and I had a rad time.

Then a segment of the Taco Party people migrated to Jim's for a festive fiesta! It gave me the warm and fuzzies to see a bunch of my pals that I haven't palled with in awhile. Did a few Twister moves, rocked out to bands (Mountain Shaker was SOLID and Kevin-n-Hadley can't get any cuter), enjoyed some Tequilla and Presidente, learned the beauty of "turkey bags" from Texas Pete. That conversation evolved into a Sunday turkey dinner that I couldn't have been happier with. Eff you, Martha Stewart!

If you know anyone who is into mustaches, being a drunk, Chuck Norris and/or Mr. T, smut, poop, or kitch, may I suggest you go to Urban Outfitters immediately? I could have hemorraged my paycheck in that joint but I practiced self-control. I marked that on the calendar as "a first". It took all the strength I had not to buy something called "Borrow My Pen" which included 8 pens from questionable businesses such as "The West Bend Sex Addiction Clinic". Stuff like that. Mind blowingly awesome.

RANDOM: Anyone who finds me the 80's HBO TV show "Brain Games" on DVD or VHS (I'll take a totally raped copy, I'm no snob) gets a special prize. Probably purchased at Urban Outfitters. And probably involving a mustache.

Time to turn my brain back on.

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Tessa said...

Brain Games was my fav!