Friday, December 04, 2009

Good morning captain. Good morning to you!

I have bones tattooed on my thumbs. I don't know why I waited so long to talk about them. Maybe I didn't want my mom's head to fall off. Tattoos are for drunks and sailors, you know. And tattoos on the hands really crossed a line. "Everlasting Job Stoppers" as Phoebe would say. Regardless...

When Todd and I were on the Key West portion of our honeymoon, we saw a rad looking tattoo shop and suddenly had a major craving for matching tattoos (which I NEVER thought would happen). The only "matching" tattoo I have is the anchor on the inside of my arm that says "Sailor's Girl" based on the song "18 Wheels". Jen has the same. It's a bonding thing. But I've strayed from the initial point. That's what I do. Blather.

So what wedding tattoos would we get? Certainly not a lock and key. Forget names (I already have Robot Todd anyway). Out of nowhere, Todd suggests bones on our thumbs because we are major hand holders and when we do, it would create crossbones. So there you have it. We didn't get them in Key West because...well...there were dacquiris involved and shark swimming to be done. So as soon as we were back in Ohio, we hit up Karl!

They were the first thumbs he's every tattooed.

Mine are pink. His are golden.

I don't know why I decided to talk about my bones today as they've been there for 2.5 months already. I guess it's because my brain feels sort of deep-fried and I'm just a little bit zombie today. I plan on making the most out of my weekend as the week itself made me feel off-balance. Tonight we're working on the great basement project (got a 55" widescreen yesterday that will make watching any movie with blood splatter ten times better). Tomorrow is TACO NIGHT with the Shoe-Lanes and then a par-tay at Jim's that I'm really looking forward to. And Sunday is chiiiiiiiill per usual. I think I'll be making a turkey, or so it's been suggested. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm also looking forward to seeing "New Moon" for the 3rd time.

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