Thursday, December 10, 2009

I really love you & we're gonna get married.


Oh Thank GOD. It's been eating me alive. So...a few weeks ago, a friend tells me that she and her boyfriend of many years want to get married. She told me via text so she missed out on the no-doubt HILARIOUS look on my mug. It was a big secret and they weren't telling ANYONE, therefore I was bound to secrecy. I offered to officiate as years ago I became ordained via the interweb. It was the cool thing to do.

Lo and behold, they actually DID want me to marry them!

Since I have a new last name, I became reordained at the end of October. When my credentials came in the mail, I submitted them to the Secretary of State and POW! My certificate came in the mail and I was officially Reverend L.G. I'd like to be referred to as "The Rev" from now on. Moving along...the secret date and secret location were set, the stand-in rings were secured (custom rings weren't ready so the ring bearer, who is also MY husband, bought Ring Pops), and we were off.

At 6:00pm, Wednesday December 2nd, Todd and I met the bride-n-groom, along with 4 pals, at The Happy Dog. We all had a drink and then moved to a slightly more secluded side of the bar while the horrible DJ played a short play list for us. I talked a little about marriage and then those crazy kids exchanged vows (I liked the whoel "repeat after me" thing). And it was very sweet. The groom took her hands and look her in the eyes which was slightly surprising. The bride looked sweet-n-shy and sort of hid in his armpit which was not surprising (love you).

Then the best lookin' ring bearer in town offered up Watermelon for the groom, Strawberry for the bride. They exchanged the Ring Pops, agreeded to never divorce, I pronounced them husband and wife...with all that power given to me by the great state of Ohiya...and they kissed. It truly was a very sweet evening. I signed the marriage license and it was official.

CONGRATULATIONS PHOEBE & RYAN!!! May you have a long, healthy, happy marriage. Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day. It truly was an honor to serve as your reverend. I hope you are the first in a long line of people I can to join in wedded bliss in bizarre local locations. LOVE YOU.

Farewell Lieutenant and HELLO CAPTAIN! I'm like a proud mama.

My intestines have decided that today would be a good day to have some sort of Battle Royale. And I'm fairly certain that if I just drilled an itty bitty hole between my eyes or in my temples, this day would drastically improve. I need a warm washcloth on my forehead, pajamas, noodle soup, and juice. I need a backrub and I need to hibernate. This chronic virus and syndrome garbage is starting to get old.

Off topic, "Abbacab" by Genesis sort of creeps me out.


erin said...


just ... OH MY GOD!

first off, congratulations phoebe & ryan!!! thats amazing, even if you swore it would never happen ; )

and second, i didn't know you could do this. and i just asked ben the other day to marry me and josh (if he EVER pops the question) dressed as elvis. he agreed, but claimed he preferred being pricilla. either way, if he is not here in ohio to marry us when the time comes WILL YOU BE OUR ELVIS OR PRICILLA?!?!

Lisa Donnalley said...

Good for those two crazy kids! And thanx for the shout out :)
- Capt Donnalley

Bob Ignizio said...

Shocking but wonderful news. And ain't it great being a "Reverend"? Long live the church of Lacey! I got ordained a while back myself, and had a blast officiating at my brother's ceremony.