Monday, June 01, 2009

Destiny is calling me! Open up my eager eyes!

Song Of The Day: "Fall Behind Me" by The Donnas

For anyone even remotely interested in my Cannibalicious! art show and corresponding blog diggity, I am changing the names of all the paintings. My initial thought was to give them all first names, like Sadie and Krista and Edward and so on. But I hate the names I gave them and pretty much hate most names. My unborn children are doomed. So I'm going back and naming them properly...along with posting a plethora of new work...some time this week. I have to get with Low Life to go over some shtuff about the show. That was a pretty exciting e-mail to get...makes it more real. And makes the fact that it's only 2 months away very real, and very scary. Which is rad.

Friday night, Todd and I had a blaaaaast at some fundraiser function for a co-worker's kid. We certainly drank our ticket's worth, I'll tell you what! We were goofy for each other and utterly in love. It's nice to fit in with the group. I love some of his co-workers and they love me. And apparently, some of them think I'm hot. Well VA-VOOM for me! We drove home singing and flirting and loving life and each other...we loved each other A LOT (blush). It paved the way for a solid weekend...which didn't include anything mind blowing (besides getting to put my wedding dress on for a fitting with the shoes and hairpiece) but was certainly productive and rad all around.

On Saturday night, Aiden made note of how cool it was that we were all on the couch together doing something (Todd was watching the Cavs lose, I was sketching, and he was playing some mind-numbing video game). Todd said, "This is how it should be". It was pretty nifty. It's also nifty that we'll be "a family" in 110 days. When I notified Todd of the current countdown, his response was "Hurry". I can't agree more. I can't wait to marry this dude. I don't think anyone else would love my terrible wink or my ridiculous paintings or the way I strip down with record speed and spin in circle in my drawers. He loves the silly and awkward parts of me. He loves the quirks. Doesn't get much better than that.

I hope everyone else out there is OK. I know some people are going through junk and that's just junky. And I know some people are having the time of their lives and that's awesome. I just hope everything evens out for everyone and that no one forgets about me while my back and neck and hands are aching from painting every free moment of my life away. I'll be pretty much missing-in-action for the next 2 months but I'll try and get out when I can to see all of y'all. Gotta poke my head out the Wack-a-Mole hole for an escape every now and again. And don't forget to mark your calendars. If I've ever supported your band or your art or your hobbies or your'll be there.

CANNIBALICIOUS! opening night party
Friday, August 7th @ Low Life Gallery on Waterloo.
7:00 - 11:00
Featuring: Miss Firecracker One-Woman Band!

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