Thursday, May 28, 2009

I was once a regular girl.

Song Of The Day: "Bang On" by The Breeders

I haven't waxed philosophical on song lyrics in awhile so I will pose the following question for you to ponder, discuss, and reply with your findings:

Is it a good or bad thing that the singer from the Spaceshits wants to "cook that woman up in bacon grease"? He wants to cook her up and get her fried up. It doesn't necessarily sound like a good thing BUT he also wants to rub that bacon grease up and down...he wants to grease her up! I think people might assume right off the bat that a man wanting to cook you up is not a good thing, but it COULD be a euphemism of some sort. I'm sure Erin will know. I'm sure Erin will set me straight. What ARE the intentions of the Spaceshits??? I can not rest until I know.

And man oh man, my most unfavorite person on the planet is up to their old antics again, SHOCKER! The hair is standing up on my neck and I'm milliseconds away from hissing and spitting and karate-chopping them in the throat, ninja style. I won't go into graphic details about why said person is so totally suck-o and always has been and always will be...but let me say once again that it makes me throw up right into my lap or the closest lap to mine that such a selfish, nasty, little brat thinks she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants with no consequences. I'd tell her to grow up but she won't. So I'll just cross my fingers that she gets a clue and continue to visualize high-fiving her in the face as a coping mechanism (and I'd say that this isn't about YOU, you-know-who, but you know that already).


It's almost the weekend and mine is wide open (maaaaaaaaan, I had the perfect joke to make about appendages of above said person...but that would make me juvenile and immature). I can't spend any money because I have to buy honeymoon plane tickets next week. Found a sweet deal so I've got to pounce on it. 115 days until we're on the big boat. Todd is totally's our reward for all the hard work we've done planning the wedding and reception (Camevil, I need your new address!). The event really isn't for's for everyone else so they can share in our happiness or whatever. I think we've planned a rockin' good time for the people we love. Todd declared that "ours will rock socks off". I hope so. Anyway...the weekend...since I don't want to spend, I guess I'll paint. My goal is 4 medium to large paintings and 6 more of the baby ones. I love those itty bitty canvases and easels. Man, I don't have a lot of time left...10 weeks, I think! I have to eat, drink, sleep, and fuck paint. Literally.

LITERALLY have a good weekend, my friends!

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