Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I went and put my dancin' shoes on..yeah!

Song Of The Day: "Sayonara Sucker" by The Queers

One animal costume has been secured! Pure awesomeness is in the works. Don't you dare miss it. Don' I've got my solo songs picked up and practically planned...I think..., our "Splish Splash" routine is adorable if I do say so myself (Drinky Crow...Winky Bird...oh Karen!), and I have nothing but high, high, high hopes for this show. The HIGHEST, if you will! I'm pumped about the show (super sadly, Horror of 59 is out...A-Train & The Steamers will be there instead) and practice really lifted my spirits. Next stop...bubble machine! VA-VOOM!

Eventhough practice rocked and hanging with Karen was rad and I got some super amusing drunk text messages from mood is still iffy. I guess I just have to come to terms with the fact that people (that's just a general applies to MANY, not just one inparticular) are going to do/say what they want, when they want, no matter who they treat like garbage along the way. I need to just continue to do the things that make me a happy clam (PFG, paint, go to shows, watch junkie television, blog, whatever) and remove myself from situations where people are going to be creeps. I can't make people treat me the way I deserve to be treated or give me the repect I know I've earned...they either will or they won't. But I do believe in karma...everyone gets their due.'s time to get busy livin'.

I had a weird dream about the wedding last night. Bananas.

Which reminds me...130 days until it's umbrella drink/bikini time!

Season finale of America's Next Top Model tonight. I've got all crossable things crossed for Allison but I think she's doomed because she can't walk. Neither can I. I have no balance. I'm a clumsy, klutsy, uncoordinated mess. She's just SO weird looking. Almost creepy. Like a Living Dead doll. And she's all shy and embarrasing. Love her. And I'll be alright if Aminat wins, too. This may sound weird but she reminds me of a taller, African American version of Jen May. They look nothing alike...duh...but something about how she laughs and how she talks. Maybe I'm just bananas. Regardless...if Tyonna wins, I'm boycotting the show and boycotting that show will make me surly. So everyone better cheer for Allison. Just blurt it matter where you are at the time.


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