Monday, May 11, 2009

You hide your looks behind these scars.

Song Of The Day: "Freeman" by The Gears.

Just call it "Return Of The Living Dead".

I'm getting over a rank stomach flu which has emptied me out (I could get more graphic so be glad that's as far as I went) and left me sore, achey and cranky. I was so dizzy and weak that when I finally WAS up and about, I was short of breath. Totally sucko. Missed out on Mother's Day festivities but I'm fairly certain that my mom did not want me to give her the flu...which was about all I could afford to give. I told Todd awhile ago that I wish my body would just give up already. I didn't mean that though. I think "Steel Magnolias" poisoned my mind during my illness.

I did manage to see the Bouncing Souls inbetween tossing my cookies and chomping on Pepto. It was a great show despite them ignoring some of their total jams (Eastside Mags? Lowlife?). I felt 19 again. I even bought myself a shirt! They covered "Hybrid Moments" which was pretty rad...and I had a cute dude (whom I'm marrying 130 days from tomorrow) who let me lean on him and sit on his lap since I was a weak sick-o. Cute dude gave me a card yesterday that basically said, "You're gold and the best thing that's ever happened to me". It also said something about me being a stupid yet classy woman...but that came from the greeting card company. They couldn't be more right!

I also got a "Happy Future Mother's Day" card from Sharon. Cute!

What else? All I can think about are stomach cramps and sleeping for lengthy periods of time. Tootsie Pop and I had a meeting about the upcoming Motor Mayhem show. We made our set list and I've got to say...I'm pretty psyched! It's mostly new songs with a few tried-n-true or barely used numbers thrown in. Carol is returning for a special appearance as Queen La Tata and acting as our emcee (word around the litterbox is that Grimm may be taking that position full time). We're doing a lot of costume changes and rockin' new props. I'm pumped. I can't wait for the comeback. I need to work on my solos...I think "Loretta Is a Sweater Girl Now" might be one of them...not sure about the second. Any suggestions? I'm looking for flirty and fun, nothing tramptastic. Be sure to be there...Saturday May 23rd at The Sac. I expect nothing but f-f-f-f-f-un. Horror of 59! Memphis Morticians! Graverobber! PUSSYFOOT GIRLS!!!

I also painted a bunch yesterday with little or no casualties. Really buckled down and finished MANY half done paintings. Now I can focus on new stuff. I have a painting I love where I did 2 anthropological skulls over the lyrics to "Press Gang"...I want to do more paintings on top of song lyrics. I just have to pick the right ones. And once I'm done with the song lyrics, I'm going to start a few monster portraits that will be sold framed...and I have more of the original "Cannibalicious!" works to do...and slutty Princesses. much to do. So little time and money! Good news is, I think I'm 1/3 done with what I want to accomplish. I can pretty much guarantee that no one besides Todd-n-Aiden are going to see me during the month of June. Unless you come over and watch me paint! Company is always nice.

"Daisie Of Love"... so addicted. So gross.

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