Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I only smile when I lie then I tell you why.

Song Of The Day: "The Casbah" by Los Straitjackets

I did it. I did a strip tease down to drawers and heart-shaped pasties while dressed like a chicken. Finger Lickin' Strip Tease! I guess you could say the chicken part was semi-symbolic of the fact that (eventhough I'm super stoked with my body right now) I don't have the guts to do an actual nudie strip tease. I also don't have permission from the man who has claimed this ass. And I don't have much of a desire to get naked in front of friends-n-fans that I will have to look in the eye again.

Regardless, I did it! And people laughed! And cheered! And howled! I was also told by multiple people that it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. I had to focus on steady breathing because it was hot as a crotch in that costume. I feel successful. Sure, I didn't cure cancer or give birth or climb the corporate ladder...but I did a strip tease dressed like a chicken...and people laughed. SUCCESS IS MINE! And the rest of show was aces. I'm really proud of us. PFG is back!

Now that I'm done being the cock of the walk, I can just say that Los Straitjackets/S.C.O.T.S. was a mind-blowingly amazing show! Worth every penny! Even though I had a whole buncha garbage piled up on my brain (there IS such a thing as a false-positive), we had a blast.

Saturday...show day...I ran around like (for lack of a better term) a chicken with my head cut off. But it was worth it. Extra effort creates results. And even if it didn't go EXACTLY like I wanted...I got to chill with April, I fell in love with the beer garden at The Sac, I had quality girlfriend time, I stood my ground and I rallied. Plain-n-simple.

Sunday, I spent a lot of time alone...snoozing, watching A.N.T.M. marathons, renting movies. It was lonely...but my buddy wasn't feeling up to snuff, so what can you do? And eventhough we were only floors apart...I dunno. It felt far. Hormones. I wish I could stab them with a fork.

Yesterday we managed to get some holiday together time in which (shockingly) invovled margaritas, hurricans, mudslides, good food, My Bloody Valentine, snuggle naps, The Day The Earth Stood Still, sketching a new painting, cartoons, and snoozing. May sound boring and not very Memorial...but it felt pretty slick.

I wish I had more single friends. I realized today that my friends are all coupled up, which is good if we ever have another Ark situation. Not so good for the few acquaintances I have who could really use a "somebody" in their lives. Not that you NEED someone...God knows that at certain times in my life, I was better, safer and healthier alone. But it's nice to have someone to go have impromptu margaritas with and to watch cartoons with and to help you make a prop bathtub and to fix your bike tires and to tell you you look thinner and your skin looks nice. Whatever. There's one guy and one girl that I currently wish I had someone for. They aren't a match for each other...but still. I hope they find someone...even for just a summer romance.

I wish I could listen to "Summer Romance" by New Bomb Turks right NOW! Man. That would be awesome. Like how I can transition right from worrying about other people to worrying about my own ridiculous wants-n-needs. It's how I roll I guess. Love me or hate me. But...I'm guessing you love me!


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phoebe marie said...

love it love it love it!

"hot as a crotch". it's been so long now... i can't remember if i got that from you or if you got that from me and if you got it from me, i can't remember where i got it... hmm.

sorry i fell asleep at old-woman hour on saturday! :( i suck.

miss you. love you.