Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gyrate til you've had your fill.

Song Of The Day: "Legal Tender" by B-52s

I love how Phoebe calls Ryan her "not-husband". I'll be honest, I wish they'd get married...I've never been to a Phoebe wedding and that would be SOMETHING. Phoebe's the marrying kind, I think. I'm sure they'll be together for eternity and all but still. I thought about throwing my bouquet directly to her but I'm sure she'll find a stealthy way to avoid it's path. Karen already told me the bouquet has her name all over it anyway. Can't crush a young gal's dreams by rigging the event. Viva Phoebe-n-Ryan.

I love 3 day weekends, have I mentioned that? I don't love tattoo removal and the fact that I have an appointment for it tomorrow (only 2 more to go after this before the hitching goes down), but I DO love the 3 day weekends. Painting, painting and more painting. I've been on a roll lately and I don't mind patting myself on the back. Weasel loves when I paint and calls me Pretty Picaso. Picaso may not have painted porny princesses or girls eating their own stomachs, but didn't he cut his own ear off? We could've been pals. I plan to make the most of these 3 days. By Sunday night I hope to have a boatload of new shtuff to post on the "Cannibalicious!" blog. OOH! I also have to make a bathtub out of foamcore. I can dig it though. I feel good about it. I feel crafty. Feel free to come and visit me while I'm getting my craft on.

I have to get my craft on this weekend because NEXT weekend, I have to get my drink/rock on (Los Straitjackets & Southern Culture On The Skids on Friday), I have to get my Pussyfoot on (Motot Mayhem show Saturday w/ PFG, A-Train & The Steamers, Memphis Morticians, Graverobber, and those crazy Motor Psychos), and I might have to get my roadtrip on (Sacred Pistons annual picnic on Sunday???). And then recovery on Monday! It sounds HEAVENLY to me. I remember when my life used to be all GO! GO! GO! I could stand a little taste of that. And we'd get to see ROCKO! He sent me the lyrics to the song he's singing at our wedding and I got teary eyed at my desk. Oh Rocko!

Finger Lickin' Strip Tease. You heard it hear first.


phoebe marie said...

i love you. like i love my not-husband. only, in a less lascivious manner. most of the time. depending on what you're wearing. ;)
my weddings have sucked. i'm sure mine and ryan's would be fun though (i almost typed "WILL be fun" - se what you did?!). but we're gonna really do it up for the "we're not getting married or having a baby" shower. it'll be all the best parts of the wedding. booze. tunes. aging hipsters.

erin said...

karen and i are duking it out for that bouquet.