Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I I say it again, can I kill it?


I was fine when I woke up. F-I-N-E. Fine all morning. Fine at lunch. Then right AFTER lunch...POW! Horrrrrrrrrrifying tummy ache. And once the horrrrrrrrrrrifying tummy ache died down (and not to get graphic, but this was NOT the kind of tummy ache I wanted to have at work...dying inside), the nausea set in. If there is one thing I DETEST and can bring me to TEARS, it's being nauseated. Oh GOD. So finally, after just sitting around, praying not to toss my cookies...I tossed my cookies. And I've felt horrific ever since. One minute I'm sweating, the next I have chills. I'm all flushed. I'm super thirsty. The works.

Todd thought maybe it was stress but I think there is WAY too much going on here to just be stress. I thought my mom was hinting that my egoo was preggo (there is NO bun in this oven...I've convinced my uterus to be hostile to all developing life forms until AFTER the honeymoon), but she was really thinking food poisoning. All I know is that it better not be that gut-wrenching stomach virus that I had in January last year that put me in the hospital 3 times. Because that made me cry A LOT. And Johnny had to take me to the ER. And I had to go on that stupid b.r.a.t. diet which, eventhough it made me lose weight, made me lose my mind.

If it's Swine Flu, Cinco de Mayo will feel my wrath.

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phoebe marie said...

if anyone i know would get mexican swine flu on a mexican holiday, it'd be you!
you better be ok!
if i can do anything, let me know.
love you!!!