Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baaaaaaaaaby, check this out!

Song Of The Day: "Cracker Jack" by Janis Martin

Squeeeeeeeal! I have been stressing like a 15 year old who is 5 days late because my second solo song ("Loretta Is a Sweater Girl" was a BUST) was making me bananas! I couldn't find ANYTHING that wasn't going to make me look like a teenager in a talent show. I was upset and frustrated (and this little runt on my street that I want to dropkick wasn't helping). And THEN...after listening to a song that was suggested to me over a year all came together and my brain orgasmed! Not only is the song a-dor-dor-dorable, but I've managed to turn it into a cute dance with props AND a drinking game! Everyone who isn't dead-n-buried loves a drinking game from time to time. As Sifl and Olly would say...ROCK!

I've been talking a lot about PFG lately, I know, and I'm sure that's annoying and making you itchy (I will stop blathering after this weekend). But we've been on hiatus since we had to cancel our October show when 2/3 of us had the Black Death. I was almost ready to throw in the towel...but instead I'm using it to wipe sweat off my brow. I'm a PFG through and through. And while Bobbi Socks is resting and repairing (we miss you), Tootsie Pop and I have been kicking cans! We've worked so hard to make our set at Motor Mayhem something awesome. New songs, old favorites, costume changes, lots of laughs...I'm proud of us. And the entire Motor Mayhem show is going to be buckets of fun. I haven't looked forward to something this much in a lengthy span of time. And since we announce our come back, interesting opporunities have presented themselves. I think we've found an emcee and photographer so now...all we need are a few new gals, Dragway 42 is coming to blow minds this year. I'm just really happy right now. Let me bask in my jello-y pool of happiness. Won't you join me for a swim? How about Saturday at MOTOR MAYHEM! Bands starts at 7:00...we're third. Everyone should be there. EVERYONE!

So life is good. Life had been confusing and stressful and somewhat overwhelming but I woke up this morning and decided that I just want life to be good. I'm proud of what PFG have accomplished recently, I've finished 15 paintings in the last week or so (up on RIGHT NOW), Weasel and I have been engaged for 200 days and have less than 4 months to go as of today, I've got rad friends (no Carol, YOU are the best), I found my wedding shoes and a badass headpiece, I've been eating better and dropping lbs. like a bad habit, people seem really stoked for the wedding, Rocko wrote us an adorable song that he will sing at the heart is full. My wallet is empty, but my heart is full. PLUS, "My Bloody Valentine in 3-D" came out yesterday! GORE IS GREAT! I don't know. Maybe I need to dial back the joy. But I won't.

"Thank you."
"For what?"
"For you."
"My pleasure."

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