Monday, May 18, 2009

Love her and she'll bring you luck.

Song Of The Day: "So Damn Hot" by OKGO

I had been so riled up about May Mayhem and was going bananas about all of the things that were planned...and so many of those things just didn't happen for one reason or another...mostly revolving around shows. I didn't go to Mad Sin, The Quakes, Joe Buck OR Bob Log III. And I feel alright about it. I've managed to get some art show-n-wedding stuff done, plus I've had more one-on-one stuff go down. It's not that I don't like shows...I love them. I've got 2 (possibly 3) this weekend alone that I will be at for sure (or you can eat one of my ribs). But the things I've done have just been more fulfilling. For example...this weekend...

Thursday, spur of the moment, I met up with Sharon at McIntyre's. We squawked and drank and hung with Todd for several hours. I love spending time with Sharon as she's a funny gal. When my ex and I split, I thought he'd get custody of her but screw that. I'm a better friend. I wasn't going to let that friendship perish. Came home, folded a gazillion loads of laundry. Was satisfied with my Thursday.

Friday, I was supposed to be Carol's date to Bob Log III. I do LOVE Bob Log! But money is tight! And the money I did have was for wedding shoes, plain-n-simple. I didn't like bailing on Carol but I did what I had to do. When she opens for him next time around...I'll be there freaking the Hell out, I promise. Instead, Sarah and I went to Phoebe's for a girlie night. I've never hung out with Sarah on my own and that chick is A RIOT! We had girl talk and drank beer...there were also hot dog flavored potato chips! And mac-n-cheese! And brownies! And once we left there, I ended up staying up WAY past my bed time (3:30am!!!) talking to Sarah and her husband, Jimmy. We were a bunch of chatterboxes, I'll tell you what.

Saturday...ick. Saturday was semi-icky. Sharon and I went and hung with my parents for about an hour and then headed off to have lunch. Lunch was YUM and I scored a strapless bra and seemless drawers...but I felt a little off. I blamed it on getting so little sleep. But as we walked to the mall, I felt nauseated. And while we were hunting for hit me like a fish to the face. I'm not sure was "it" was, but it was me sweaty and dizzy and nauseated. It was probably mall panic. Regardless, while trying to keep my lunch firmly planted, I found my shoes at the last store we went to. They're perfection. I ran in my front door and threw up for the rest of the night. Luckily, Todd and Aiden were out-n-about so I would toss my cookies, cry, and watch bad television without feeling even worse. I didn't get any painting done which was my plan for the day. Saturday was semi-sucko but successful.

Then yesterday...I grocery shopped and went to The Mission for pasties and a garter belt (Finger Lickin' Strip Tease...this Saturday at Motor Mayhem @ The Sac) and found a hairpiece for the wedding. Hot pink and black and PERFECT. I cruised home but got semi-aggitated when I arrived. Blech. Whatever. I'll blame it on Saturday residue. Karen and I practiced a little for the show, I made dinner, and then I got down and dirty with the paint brushes. 2 LARGE paintings I had half done are now COMPLETE! I'll have a few new works up on Cannibalicious! later today. After a nice shower and some cartoons...I was out.

And here we are.

So while I may not have been doing the things I THOUGHT I'd be doing during this jam-packed month, I've done plenty of good stuff. And I need to keep up the momentum as far as painting goes. I've been on a roll but I need to seriously buckle down every free day that I have. I have 1/3 of what I want to accomplish done. I should really be at the 2/3 mark by now. That's why I'll probably be quite hidden during June, aside from our weekend away for the race which can't come soon enough! I need an escape! BIG TIME! I need to run amuck and act a fool and I need Todd by my side through all of it.

Enjoy your Monday.

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